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Flightslogic is an international travel technology and travel software company and we serve travel companies from 100+ countries across four continents. Flightslogic platform is powered by 200+ suppliers across flight, hotels, car, sightseeing, vacations and other ground services.

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We partner with our clients to provide strong distribution capabilities - B2B/B2C / B2B2C travel technology, automate travel business process, powerful back office system, flexible content management system and feature a unique standardization element.

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Flightslogic develop and enable access to extensive range of travel suppliers which includes all GDS, LCCs, 600,000+ Hotels, 200,000 Activities, 50000+ Car rental locations, Crusies, Eurail, Bus, Insurance and tours and travel experiences worldwide.

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One of the leading online booking engine providers EXCLUSIVELY for travel agencies. Our aim is to provide you with a fast and easy online access to the products your clients are asking for, wherever and whenever that may be.

Airline Booking Engine - Easily Tailored And Adapted To Cater For All Customer Needs

FlightsLogic Provides a Powerful Airline Booking Engine for Travel Agents That Allows You to Sell Flight Content to Your B2/B2B Customers with Real-Time Fares and Availability.


Airline Booking Engine- One Stop Solution For Travel Needs


In science and technology, the need for development is a consistent subject that triggers progressions this is obvious in each implication and the airline industry isn't an exception.

Airline booking engine was first displayed in the late 1950s as decently direct autonomous systems to control flight inventory, keep up flight designs, and arrange assignments and plane stacking.

Today current airline reservation systems are broad suites of things to give systems that help a combination of aircraft organization assignments and service client needs from the period of initial reservation through the completion of the flight. 

The World Wide Web has turned out to be massively well known throughout the most recent four years, and at present, the vast majority of the airlines have made arrangements for online reservations of their flights.

The Internet has turned into a noteworthy asset for individuals searching for reserving a spot online without the issue of meeting travel specialists by executing an online booking engine this ensures the reservation is created by the airline have to staff just as by any development administrator using a Global Distribution System or various aircraft that have a multilateral Interline Traffic Agreement with the airline.

A Computer Reservations System is a mechanized system used to store and recoup the information and lead exchanges related to the travel.

Computer reservation systems are delegated Passenger Service Systems (PSS) which handles a progression of basic capacities for the airline. For an Airline, the booking system is a crucial system that should use the latest forefront innovation to suit all flight reservations on a fiery stage, which is adaptable and can be adjusted to any style of the airline.

Secure and stable systems are the way into the airline business which is the explanation associations go through various years laying out a structure especially fit the possibility of the aircraft business which much of the time requires countless customers to get to and use the system at the same time.

Currently, numerous individuals and organizations are grasping the mobile Airline Booking Engine. Reservation systems had been actualized in numerous parts of the world for quite a long time, at first from manual to electronic reservation system.

Portable, airline, transport ticketing, and automated reservations systems are enough growing in the market. On account of the wild competition in the aircraft zone, relationships inside this portion are making systems that will upgrade their services to clients.

Along these lines, an automated seat reservation system has continued being an open region of research.


Why an Online Airline Booking System is required?


The world globalization is comprehensively used, and there are a couple of definitions that may fit this single word. However, the truth remains that globalization has affected and is affecting every person on this planet.

It is characterized to be more noteworthy development of individuals, merchandise, capital and thoughts because of expanded financial combination, which thus is impelled, by expanded exchange and venture. It resembles moving towards living in a borderless world.

With the truth of globalization, the travel business has profited fundamentally. One might say that globalization is profiting from the flight business.

Despite the path one looks at it, more people are voyaging every day and are investigating a few places that were inaccessible places on a guide.

Similarly, technology has been developing at an inexorably quick pace and is being used by a few people everywhere throughout the world.

With the mix of globalization and the expansion in technology and the recurrence in movement, there is a need to give a wise application that is skilled in addressing the requirements of voyagers that use cell phones everywhere.

It is an answer that fits in immaculately to a customer's clamoring lifestyle, offers comfort and enough understanding that makes a customer's experience profitable.

Having perceived this need, the Agent-based Mobile Airline Search and Booking Engine been produced that is worked to chip away at the Android to perform Airline Search and booking utilizing Biometric.

The system additionally has a specialist learning capacity to play out the pursuit of Airlines in light of some past inquiry design. The improvement has been done utilizing the JADE-LEAP Agent advancement unit on Android.


The working mechanism of Airline Booking Engine


The clients can without much of a stretch buy an e-ticket by setting off to the ticket sale site, searching and choosing the destination, entering the subtleties, for example, name, the method for travel, baggage data and dates lastly making the installment by means of bank cards, bank transfer or through online payment organizations.

The e-ticket is then messaged or e-mailed on the phone of the client. While already travel agents and aircrafts helped clients in making ticket buys, today with the improved web system, it is getting simpler and simpler to book the flights alone.

After the customer makes the purchase, the electronic record and the details of the ticket are saved into the airlines' database. The database is coordinated with the traveler service system, which is then associated with air terminals, aircraft, and travel offices for sharing continuous information.


Advantages of Airline Booking Engine


The reasons why more and more people are purchasing their flight tickets online are because of the many advantages and conveniences airline booking engine has to offer.

Opposed to the traditional way of purchasing the tickets through travel agents' office, online booking today and provides access to hundreds of flight paths, their prices, and other services at the click of a button.

This can be very important for the customer in order to find the best possible deal and the most control to the customers in terms of their holiday planning and helps them make informed decisions.

The system of searching the flights is so easy, that anybody with a computer and internet access can easily search connections, compare prices and purchase any connection they wish to. Not only this, but this method is much faster, easier, hassle-free and convenient.

Many flight organizations nowadays additionally give different services, for example, air terminal exchange, settlement services, vehicle contract, and air terminal parking. The customers can also take advantage of frequent discounts, promotions, and other offices from the airlines through subscribing to their email or simply by viewing their website.

The clients can also fully be aware of the various policies of the company such as cancellation, baggage rules, and others, and can easily make use of those services.

Online flight booking not only provides easy and fast services to the customers from the convenience of the computer from anywhere in the world but also provides services at more reasonable prices.

The majority of airline companies also provide the services of online check-in after which the customer can easily print the boarding pass at home and save considerable time and hassles at the airport.


Flightslogic Airline Booking Engine


Flightslogic provides ‘Airline Booking Engine’ used for airline merchandising, bookings, and distribution. The airline booking engine is a platform in airline reservation software systems that are needed to manage air ticket booking, e-ticketing, scheduling flights, and delivery of necessary information to the end-user.

To be aggressive in the market as far as turnover, goodwill and benefit age it is fundamental for the airline organizations to have compelling and best booking platforms.

The Airlines Management System has profited both the airline business and the client too. For the aircraft business, it has preferences, for example, the exactness of the information, settling complaints of the customer, getting the confidence of customers, building goodwill in the market and an increase in the surplus, etc.

For the customer, it has favorable circumstances, for example, basic and convenient access of information, the security of their money, a sparing of time, value assessment, flight ticket programming, ease in holding and getting offers from a couple of airline associations.

We are a dominant travel technology organization offering travel technology items to organizations occupied with the travel division.

Our items help travel organizations in delivering simple services to their guests. Through API/XML integration of GDS such as Amadeus, travel website we help in upgrading end-user experience by providing them updated information as per their need.

We give business procedures to fill your planes, rationale for your bleeding edges, and technology to take your carrier to the following level.

We also deliver travel technology products for Flights, Flight booking Engines, relocation, excursion, and customized packages, etc. We have deployed our work toward enhancing the efficiency of the B2B travel booking system, B2C and B2B2B corporate universally.

We use cloud-based and completely incorporated arrangements that offer help to all carrier plans of action. Flightslogic is built entirely on new technologies to provide a flexible system and business model for highly efficient operations.

Our advanced system provides an excellent platform for streamlining operations, controlling costs, and achieving optimal performances.


How Airline E-Tickets work


Seeing bothered air passengers burrowing frantically through their things for a slippery ticket has turned out to be uncommon at air terminals as of late.

That is on the grounds that more individuals are depending on electronic tickets or e-tickets when they fly. E-ticket carries similar data as a paper ticket.

The real difference is an e-ticket is situated in an airline's computer database, rather than the traveler's bag. It is an electronic record of the traveler's aircraft reservation, containing data, for example, the time, date and place of the flight, air terminal, seat assignment, and travel class.

At the entry, e-ticket travelers need just demonstrate a valid photograph identification proof card, for example, a driver's license to guarantee their spot on the airship. When the airline confirms the traveler's data, it gives a ticket that the traveler uses to board onto the plane.

 Conventional travel organizations, for example, airlines or travel offices, can help travelers with getting e-tickets. Be that as it may, improving web technology likewise enables travelers to book their flights without anyone else.

Actually, the travelers who utilize this self-serve alternative may not come into contact with the aircraft until landing at the air terminal and displaying ID. 

To issue tickets, airlines must have a database that is integrated with an airline’s passenger services system. That is then associated with every other accomplice – airlines, air terminals, ground transportation, and travel organizations, for example – to share ongoing data.

To book themselves on a flight, travelers can visit any number of online ticketing sites. Once there, they can view the options available and use a credit or debit card to pay for their tickets. Subsequent to putting in the request, the electronic record of the ticket goes into the traveler's database, where it holds the traveler's spot.

E-tickets have virtually replaced traditional paper tickets in the majority of airports and airlines around the world. An ongoing review by the International Air Transport Association, a trade association speaking to 94 percent of global air traffic, assessed that air carriers worldwide accomplish 92 percent e-ticket by penetration by December 2007.

In the United States, the overview appraises a 97 percent penetration. The association’s goal is to have 100 percent e-ticketing used by all air carriers worldwide by May 2008, though analysts say some airlines will continue issuing a very small percentage of paper tickets.


Impacts of information technology


It is evident that everything that is feasible would need to experience advancement. In Information and Communication Technology (ICT), the desire for improvement is a constant subject that triggers advancements. This is noticeable in each part of our lives and the aircraft business isn't avoided.

 By convergence of the world into a global village, traveling great distances has become so common for not only for business but also for pleasure purposes.

Because of the quick-paced nature of the present world, air travel is considered as one of the primary decisions among a few methods of transportation to spare time and one of the tools passengers use to speed up the process of traveling by air is the Airline Reservation System (ARS), and the reservation is making through an airline booking engine, especially passengers who don‘t have time to or don‘t want to visit a travel agent.

Remembering the way that individuals probably won't have enough break of their bustling daily practice to proceed to visit a travel agent so as to reserve a spot, most aircraft have offered their services over the World Wide Web.

Therefore internet has become the integral part of the airline booking engine process not only for travel agents, who sits in the office and makes use of web servers of various aircraft to discover the most reasonable travel for a specific client, yet additionally for the clients who need to hold flights online without fundamentally reaching air travel agents.


Inventory management in Airline Booking Engine


An inventory of an airline consists of all rights and the number of available seats on those flights. Inventory information is imported and kept up through a timetable distribution system over institutionalized interfaces. Inventory control is one of the core functions of inventory management.

Inventory control tells what number of seats are accessible on various flights. In combinations with the fares and booking conditions stored in the Fare Quote System, the price for each sold seat is calculated.

In most cases, inventory control has a continuous interface to an aircraft's Yield Management system to help a lasting enhancement of the offered booking classes in light of changes sought after or valuing methodologies of a competitor.


Logic of Website and Airline Booking Engine


Through the Web server, clients can book airline tickets and take care of tabs on the web. To utilize this system the client should enroll first through the enlistment page by contributing the client ID, password, client name, address, etc.  Then the user can log in to the system and trace their purchase by the user ID and password.

The client data will be stored in the whole session until the person in question logouts. After the client logins the system, he can scan for flights by the search bar or the primary inquiry page.

The search is dependent on the destination, flight air terminal, date, and Airline organizations. When the user presses the search button at the bottom, the system will search for him from the database and return the result to the user sorted by price.

The outcome incorporates the value, Airline Company, airline number, etc. To select the flight, his user just needs to press the “select” button corresponding to that flight result. If it is a round trip, the client will be approached to pick the arrival flight constantly.

At long last, the system will demonstrate the client what he has picked. Then the user can click “Buy it” or just search again. If the user wants to buy it, he will go to the next step to pay for it. On the payment page, he is required to input his credit card information by the instruction of the page.

At that point, the system will check the credit card data with the credit card organization by utilizing basic article solicitation merchant engineering (CORBA) or Web Services. After the information is proved, the user will be asked to confirm their purchase.

At that point, the system associates the aircraft organization to confirm the purchase and returns the client a Confirm number. At that point, the system will send the purchase data to the Credit Card Company to complete the exchange. All the server parts of the credit card companies and the airline companies are simulated by this system.

They simply wait for the invocation from the customer and serve them by simply restoring a basic outcome without managing the information truly. They are additionally written in Java. After the buy is done, the client can see the Shopping Cart perceive what he has purchased.

Furthermore, the system will send a confirming email to the client as indicated by the data they input when they enrolled. There is a Personal Assistant Bar on the left half, all things considered, through which the client can change their own data, for example, secret key and address.

The system management, apart from at the airline company which is written in Java using remote method invocation (RMI). The server registers to an RMI registration and waits for clients to connect to it. The client part can be run either on the aircraft organization or the site organization.

After they log in to the system, the system will check the user name and password in the database. At that point, the checked client can utilize the system to include/erase/adjust/search aircraft data, client data, and ticket data. Now let me introduce the data stream in this system.

For the booking system, all 8 the user information, such as the user name and the departing airport, are stored in the whole session until the user logs out or the session is expired.

After the client purchases the ticket, the ticket data will be put away in the neighborhood Oracle database and sent to the aircraft organization likewise to book seats.




The world has advanced into the era of internet technology. Indeed, even everyday tasks, for example, Paying Bills, making purchases and booking occasions are progressively being done on the web.

The airline industry made of the internet boom by developing Airlines Reservation System (ARS), which has now evolved into the Computer Reservation System (CRS).

Utilizing the CRS technology now, it is effectively conceivable to book flights online through the organization sites or through third-party sites. It is predicted that the CRS, with features such as online reservation and check-in, will be used by the vast majority of aircraft companies in the world in the coming years.

The competition among the airline companies, the drop in fares over the years, and the availability and accessibility of the flight deals have led to the soar in the number of people flying.

Nowadays, the websites of airline companies provide all kinds of facilities such as package tours, accommodation services, airport transfer, car rental as well as 3D illustrations through websites and pictures of the destinations. These features and the convenience of booking from your home make online flight booking very attractive to the customers.

There is no doubt that the online airline booking engine is here to stay. Although only the areas in the world with a high-speed connection and internet accessibility are the largest customers of this system currently, the internet reach throughout the world is rapidly growing.

It can be expected of not only the airlines' industries but also other travel and tourism industries to add even more features and enhance the online system of booking and other services.

Internet security and limited customers from only the developed side of the world are currently the biggest general challenges.

But since various research and results show that the business of airlines has increased by folds upon the introduction of the online flight booking system, it is almost certain that there will be further development and enhancement in the already user-friendly online system of most airlines today with the rapid growth of technology.


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