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Flightslogic is an international travel technology and travel software company and we serve travel companies from 100+ countries across four continents. Flightslogic platform is powered by 200+ suppliers across flight, hotels, car, sightseeing, vacations and other ground services.

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We partner with our clients to provide strong distribution capabilities - B2B/B2C / B2B2C travel technology, automate travel business process, powerful back office system, flexible content management system and feature a unique standardization element.

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Flightslogic develop and enable access to extensive range of travel suppliers which includes all GDS, LCCs, 600,000+ Hotels, 200,000 Activities, 50000+ Car rental locations, Crusies, Eurail, Bus, Insurance and tours and travel experiences worldwide.

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One of the leading online booking engine providers EXCLUSIVELY for travel agencies. Our aim is to provide you with a fast and easy online access to the products your clients are asking for, wherever and whenever that may be.

Airline Consolidators - Give Your Travel Agency An Edge And Can Help You Outsell Competing Agencies

FlightsLogic provides airline consolidator that empowers travel business by providing travel technology solutions to Tour Operators, Travel Agents, Online Travel Agents, Corporates, Hotels and Travel Management Companies across the globe.


Why Should Travel Agents use a consolidator?


Consolidators are not airlines, they are autonomous business people, similar to travel agents, purpose after offering you (for your customers) residential and particularly global aircraft tickets on name-brand, just as an auxiliary class, IATA aircraft at rates well beneath the posted tariff rates.

The air ticket consolidator makes it feasible for travel agents to get saved seats for their customers, including a particular assistance charge or commission for you (the measure of the charge isn't unveiled in the customer's ticket) and still give a round-trip aircraft ticket at lower cost than the customer would pay by acquiring a customary ticket directly from the airline.

 Most, yet not all, air consolidators have contracts with at anyone and normally at least twelve IATA aircraft. (Note: Charter flights are not associated with air consolidation.) Consolidators must utilize the ticketing and states of carriage guidelines of the particular aircraft that they have contracts with.

These are called prime consolidators. Some air consolidators don't have contracts with any airlines. These consolidators—additionally legitimate—buy aircraft tickets for resale to travel agents from prime consolidators.

All consolidators live by their reputation and are not specifically regulated by the governments or by IATA. Every airline settles on its own choice whether to work with a specific consolidator.

It can be expected very well that the aircrafts set important benchmarks of execution and financial status when they appoint air consolidators. 

As a rule, this is an organization that has contracted NET fares from numerous airlines and sells universal aircraft tickets to Travel Agents at marked down costs.

The consolidator is given discounted NET contracts because of the high volume of tickets they sell. By using a consolidator, travel agents can buy a ticket for their clients on a major airline at a cheaper price than they could get from the airline directly.

Consolidator fares can be hundreds of dollars cheaper than published fares. For the most part, no cost has appeared on the ticket so the travel agent can charge the customer any sensible amount. The airline consolidator is a vital part of the travel industry.

It allows an agent the ability to shop for the best airfare and flight schedule, as well as the best commission or markup capability. Flightslogic provides airline consolidator that offers flight tickets, travel online, and discount airfares, low-cost packages, domestic and international flights to tour operators and travel agents across the world.

Our airline consolidator offer discounts on all purchases to cut costs for both travel agents and their customers. By using our airline consolidator travel agents can have various options of air consolidators to obtain lower airfares for their clients.

Low airfares help you cut the cost of buying airline tickets and make it possible for your agency to offer cheaper flights to your customers.

By experiencing a consolidator, you can frequently get a better charge for worldwide flights, take the commission for booking it, and make an exhaustive bundle for your customer.

With our Flight Consolidator, you can adjust your commission to increase your profitability as much as you want while also saving your clients money on airfare.


Why You Need Airline Consolidators ?


Consolidators in modern times not only benefit the airline, but they also benefit the thousands of travel agents who use their services and the agents’ customers. Flight consolidators buy bulk tickets from airlines and then resell those tickets to travel agents at a discounted rate.

This enables airlines to acquire presentations for ticket choices, flight courses, and benefits and the travel agents get the best airfare. Customers are able to use frequent flyer with each airline and travel reward programs, and there is greater flexibility.

Consolidator fares don't always undercut the airlines' lowest advertised promotional fares. But in the absence of a good fare promotion, unpublished consolidator fares are often substantially lower than the lowest published fares.

To support our clients, we offer valuable customer service, emergency support and the latest technology solutions to search, compare, and book and manage flights. 

Flightslogic provides international airline consolidators marketplace, offering airfare consolidation from 800+ airlines across the world. Flightslogic facilitates international travel companies to offer ticketing fulfillment services across the globe to their customers with the best fares.


Why Should Travel Agents use a consolidator?


Travel agents can use the ability of air consolidators who compete openly against one another to give quality air transportation on a wide scope of aircraft at costs highly aggressive with tickets sold by the airlines or by “online” air ticket sellers- sellers who make little or no personal contact available to the travel agent.

Air ticket consolidators offer travel agents the decision of access to the consolidators' site or without toll-free phone. All consolidators sell the ticket to travel agents in either net-fare or commission categories. When purchasing a net fare, travel agents can add a service charge of their own selection.

The amount of the charge isn't distinguished in the traveler's ticket accordingly. On the off chance that the ticket includes a commission for the agent, the measure of the commission likewise isn't recognized.

Be certain that your service charge or commission (as proper) is constantly included when citing the offering fare to your customer. By using consolidators travel agent has a convenient, legal way to provide lower fare international (and domestic) airline tickets to their clients.

Consolidators buy tickets directly from the airlines at uniquely arranged rates and after that exchange them to travel agents or consumers at costs lower than distributed fares.

You'll frequently locate the best limits on international tickets. As with the airline sale fares, these lower prices often carry more restrictions.

When you buy through a consolidator, you may not be qualified for preferred customer credits or advance seat selection, and you won't have a lot of adaptabilities to make changes to your agenda without paying critical change charges.

Airfare consolidators additionally tend to have limited staff, so client support might be negligible. But, these limitations might be justified, despite all the trouble in exchange for a rock bottom fare.


Travel agents lean toward Airline Consolidator for low global passages


Some travel organizations may approach one GDS or two. By connecting with the airline consolidator they can provide the best fares across the multiple GDS.

It increases their range and flexibility. That lets them achieve the best fares on top international destinations also. They find a partner with consolidators valuable as it encourages them to offer limited charges to clients in the period of high air traffic.

That carries the chances of high earnings on selling international tickets too. Access to standard airfare content helps travel agencies in getting more customers on its travel website.


Airfare consolidator helps travel agents in getting back their old clients


Someplace consolidator charges additionally help travel offices in arriving at their old clients once more. They become ready to keep up dedication by offering exceptional arrangements to those clients. Travel agencies are capable of evaluating their customers' travel information.

Like, they can check the records of their past itineraries. That enables them to reach those customers again. Then, they can also offer discounts based on events or festivals in their preferred destinations.

Travel agents can also take the business to the next level by thinking deeper about reaching their old travelers. For example, they may also drop the markup price for such travelers. Doing this causes them to keep up client trust for a long time.


Travel agents spare enormous on distributed admissions by associating with airline consolidators


Consolidators maintain trusted relations with airlines for a long time in order to get the best possible airfare deals. They negotiate with airlines to ask discounted fares and ensure the huge sale of their flight tickets.

From that point forward, they offer those net charges to travel organizations. That makes the agencies earn commissions on the net fares by adding required markups. The savings done on published fares with the help of consolidators makes them earn high profit.


Airfare consolidator allows you to use their online booking system


The airline consolidator lets you use their online booking system and provides you access to the best fares. You just need to set an account with it.

For example, a travel agent allows you to register for most discounted Airfares. You sign up there and get access to the lowest net fares.

Likewise, if you need the account activation, the process is short and simple. Travel organizations simply need to present a couple of subtleties like office name, target markets, and so on. Once they can book discounted flight tickets for their customers.


Airline Consolidator helps in saving your time


It offers a user-friendly approach to find the best airfares for your customers in very little time. Travel agents can easily perform multiple searches on the online booking system of the consolidator.

That gives them a chance to discover the necessary fare types, estimating, flight timings, etc. The advanced filters of the consolidator’s booking system may help in getting faster results. The transactions are done there may also save a lot of time for travel agents.


Travel agents can use Advance Marketing done via Airfare Consolidators


There are numerous Airline consolidators who show the arrangements ahead of time with the assistance of social media or by other promoting sources.

That could help travel agents in offering money-saving deals to customers. Discounts can be based on the marketing promotions of consolidators.

Some travelers used to visit a few destinations on a frequent basis. You can inform them in advance about low fare deals on their preferred destinations and keep them trusting you for a long time.


Travel agents think Consolidator charges help in managing Market Competition


Many leading travel offices work with Airline consolidators to separate their passages from their rivals. That causes them to getting client confidence as well as in developing their organizations.

They get a good profit when they buy consolidator fares and offer them after adding decent markups. That also helps them in dealing with the market competition and the challenges faced in the travel industry.


Airfare Consolidators can offer 24/7 customer support to Travel Agencies


Some Airline ticket consolidators offer round the clock customer support service. That is useful for travel organizations as they can get help from them whenever if there should arise an emergency, delays, or cancellations, and so on.

As the consolidator has a direct relation with Airlines, it can inform travel agents about any trouble anytime. With consolidator fares, you have the potential to offer compensation to your customers for any trouble caused. So that they can trust you even more for managing difficult situations in a better way.


Unrestricted & Secure Medium to book tickets for your customers


Travel agencies can use consolidators without getting worried about the secured bookings and transactions. They can book tickets for customers anytime without any restrictions.


Effectively book SOTO tickets with the assistance of Airline Consolidators


Airline Consolidator has wide-spread reach as they work with various Airlines. They can help travel organizations in booking tickets from anyplace for their clients. Even for the origin and destinations outside the country from where they book. For example, agencies can also book SOTO tickets without any trouble.


Tips for Using an Airline Consolidator


1. Before booking with any consolidator, do your homework to make sure it’s a reputable company. Check for membership in trade organizations such as the United States Air Consolidators Association (USACA), American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), International Air Transport Association (IATA), or United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA).

2. Shop around carefully to make sure that you are getting the bargain you think you are. Fares vary even among consolidators. Make sure the price you are quoted includes all applicable taxes and departure fees. Once in a while, you will improve short-term promotional passages from the aircraft, and the restrictions will probably be comparative. What's more, remember to look at any markdown airlines serving your goal.

3. The tickets you buy from consolidators may not be qualified for long-standing customer mileage. Confirm qualification with the airline and consolidator before buying the ticket. Some consolidators enable you to enter long-standing customer mile data when making your reservation

4. To protect yourself, always use a major credit card to purchase your airfare. If there is any problem obtaining a valid ticket, you will then have some recourse for denying payment through your credit card company.

5. Confirm your booking both when acquiring your ticket. In the event that the airline can't confirm your booking, get a record locator number from the consolidator. If it still can’t be confirmed, do not buy the ticket. Get a seat reservation when talking with the airline and make sure you have a confirmed seat and are not waitlisted or reserved.

6. Ask plenty of questions. What happens if you miss your plane or your flight is canceled? What if you alter your itinerary? Make sure you obtain clear accurate information from your consolidator regarding all policies and fees for ticket cancellations, changes, refunds, re-ticketing, and expiration dates- and then verify these with the airline.

7. If possible, purchase your tickets in advance. If you run into problems, you don’t want to be scrambling at the last minute.


Advantages are in buying airline tickets through a consolidator?


1. PRICE. You can save 10% - 80% or more by purchasing your client’s ticket from a consolidator. Confirm your booking both when acquiring your ticket. In the event that the airline can't confirm your booking, get a record locator number from the consolidator.

Example: Chicago – Paris roundtrip leaving in a few days.

Published fare …………………………..=$2914

Consolidator fare (from Centrav) =$623

You can earn up to $2291 on this ticket without charging a service fee above the published fare.


2. FLEXIBILITY in setting you markup. Distributed fare tickets demonstrate the cost on the ticket so your customer knows precisely what you charged as a service fee. Consolidator passes show just the word BULK on the ticket so your customer has no clue what you are making.


3. EXPERIENCE. Via preparing and sheer repetition, consolidator reservationists immediately become specialists at booking worldwide air. They are trained to offer you the best routings and airlines to get your client into even the most remote destinations.


Role of Airline Consolidators in growing travel business


Being responsible for the sales of thousands of flight tickets, Airlines prefer to provide exclusive fares to Consolidators. They get the fares from aircraft on arranged rates relying upon their long term relations with them.

Travel agencies seek Airline consolidators to ensure sufficient profit while giving attractive discounts to their customers. The diversity in the travel field brought more air traffic that made the travel agencies spur the travel business in one way or another.

The travel agents discover aircraft ticket consolidators' immense source to get their revenue expanded. By getting in contact with airline consolidators, they can stretch out their flight appointments up all things considered.

Give us a chance to make a move ahead with a superior comprehension of airfare consolidators. They sell a bulk of airline tickets by sourcing Discounted Fares from Airlines.

They further pass the arranged airfares to the travel offices with the goal that these organizations can include required markups while giving appealing limits to their clients.

The catch for travel agents here is to keep up the private charges beneath distributed fares and pass on to the clients that at last get lower fares than distributed fares. Acquiring the air tickets in mass from airfare consolidators that as of now have their bonuses set with travelers demonstrated significant to a large number of the travel service providers.

The business is made flexible for both consolidators as well as travel agencies. Consolidator fares make these travel management companies turn up the business by getting around 45% commissions on flight fares generally.


Published and Private fares


A distributed fare is the equivalent for anybody they are effectively feasible through Airlines' sites. However, the unpublished airfares that are additionally referred to as private admissions or consolidator fares are offered to travel organizations or travel agents at a net value, that can associate with 30–60% lower than ordinary airfares.

That lets travel agents earn great commissions which allow them to offer adequate discounts to their customers even after setting decent markups. Some of them hang tight for when they can get the most extreme drop in cost because of occasional limits.

We as a whole realize very well about the significance of online booking engines. Though a bug-free travel portal is a plus point still teaming up with the big airline consolidators for international fares can make a huge difference to travel businesses.

With them, travel service providers get access to discounted airfare content across multiple GDS. Truly, prior, they may be restricted to a solitary GDS or two, yet blending up with driving aircraft consolidators, gives the best arrangements over various GDS.

TMC(s) can expect a huge increment in their profits by setting aside to 60% on distributed fares with the assistance of airline consolidators.

So as to keep the diagram high, these airline consolidators make great terms with Airlines by distributing private fares to different travel offices in the act of selling more and more aircraft tickets.

Thereby, travel entities can book the lowest fares across multiple GDS or non-GDS sources to present the best deals to customers.


Brings best deals for travel agents


Airline consolidators are capable of negotiating fares with airlines. Travel offices that book fares for clients requesting seats in premium classes can make a solid benefit in the wake of acquiring the same on consolidator fares. Apart from that, travel organizations can purchase airfares that are regularly reserved relying upon frequent regional traffic.

The enhanced airfare content by these consolidators enables them to spare an enormous amount of worldwide fares. With this, travel management organizations can book the correct fares for clients with more attractive deals on vacation packages as well.

Collaborating with aircraft consolidators makes travel organizations procure considerably more. As it enables them to get to multi GDS content at once. That helps them to present decent arrangements to their clients while making enough benefits for themselves.



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