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Flightslogic is an international travel technology and travel software company and we serve travel companies from 100+ countries across four continents. Flightslogic platform is powered by 200+ suppliers across flight, hotels, car, sightseeing, vacations and other ground services.

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We partner with our clients to provide strong distribution capabilities - B2B/B2C / B2B2C travel technology, automate travel business process, powerful back office system, flexible content management system and feature a unique standardization element.

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Flightslogic develop and enable access to extensive range of travel suppliers which includes all GDS, LCCs, 600,000+ Hotels, 200,000 Activities, 50000+ Car rental locations, Crusies, Eurail, Bus, Insurance and tours and travel experiences worldwide.

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One of the leading online booking engine providers EXCLUSIVELY for travel agencies. Our aim is to provide you with a fast and easy online access to the products your clients are asking for, wherever and whenever that may be.

Travelport GDS - Unblocking Utmost Growth for Your Travel Agency with Travelport GDS Integration

Our integrated Travelport GDS platform will help your travel companies to expand the revenue with lower cost and more effectiveness you will have the option to reach more travelers globally in every continent


What is Travelport Global Distribution System (GDS)?


FlightsLogic is a Travel Technology Company, delivering B2B/B2C travel software, travel CRM, accounting software and mobility solutions for global travel organizations.

We work with in excess of forty top travel aggregators, global distribution systems, channel managers and DMCs. With the prime focus on technology‚ unique methodology and advancement, we ensure quality items and fast turnaround to create and convey versatile travel portals and reservation systems.

The Travelport GDS software earned its market position by making a much flexible and intuitive method for dealing with your travel bookings. In the cutting edge travel management industry, you need to widen your travel utilities to address considerably all the more elevating difficulties.

Using cutting edge technology and pure web services, FlightsLogic has built up an abundance of involvement in delivering fully scalable, high-performance travel software solutions and booking engines to leading organizations and utilize the latest technologies available in order to satisfy the developing need for quick, efficient and effective travel solutions.

No other travel technology solutions supplier gives such wide scope of booking solutions for Online Travel Agencies with the most affordable packages available in the market.

Travelport GDS system can assist you to search and book airlines. Off-course this is a b2b stage so it's open for business elements and not end consumers.

FlightsLogic brings the best travel providers, GDS, and consolidator inventory to give unrivaled content. FlightsLogic's API makes connecting with various GDS.

Thus, enabling you to concentrate on building your brand and selling your services while streamlining the conversion path for your customers.

Technology rules the present day travel and the travel industry. Automation will progress in the future for a unique travel and the travel industry. Among travel and tourism automation GDS is a succeeding system highly popular by travel operators. It is an online system that controls travel portals for travel operators or specialists.

It instructs them in activities like ticket booking, fares, delivery inventory, discounts, rooms, descriptions and in numerous different capacities.

Among the GDS system companies, Global Distribution Systems or GDS are known by four kinds, they are Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport (Galileo or Worldspan), and Abacus.

The Travelport GDS is the GDS system that helps travel operators in reserving flight tickets. As the travel operators use it in the B2B market and not implied for B2C clients or end clients.

It gives all sorts of information required to operators for answering customer questions as well as helps in dealing with their database while making ticket bookings.

Travelport GDS also permits airlines to merchandise their offering and brand plans to Travelport using travel operators as well as travel management companies globally.

In which in excess of 200 airlines are already training this technology. Using Travelport GDS, online travel agencies can also make benefit the data straightforwardly.

Although Travelport GDS is generally utilized amongst many travel agents and travel management companies, there are a few issues that limit the adoption of Travelport GDS.

Some of them are the cost of GDS based software and competition with different GDS based networking system organizations. Mostly, workers linked with travel management companies are connected to manual work.

A move towards innovation is another limitation that slows down the development of Travelport GDS to some extent. Due to the downturn in the global economy, numerous corporate travels have dropped, and this has also influenced the development of Travelport GDS adoption.

This comprehensive report contains readers with clear data and analysis on the sector. Future Market Insights' accomplished travel and the travel industry bring to you precise and unbiased data that enables you to settle on essential choices with confidence.

The report offers a 360° viewpoint bringing to the fore key drivers, restricts, opportunities, and difficulties prevailing in the sector.

To give readers actionable insights, detailed data's on historical trends, current circumstances, and future projections are given in the report.

The report primarily focusses on the main organizations working in this sector, featuring their key developmental strategies. A holistic analysis of the leading players is highlighted to enable us to comprehend the overall competitive landscape.

At present all travel agents or travel management organizations need to get connected with the global distribution system or GDS. These aides in taking their business a step forward and helps in giving their clients more options.

This is the important reason that GDS has gained such a tremendous significance in the travel business. Among the different GDS that are available at present Travelport GDS is leading the race.

Travelport GDS is the main travel commerce platform and known for giving arrangements like distribution, and innovation for all the travel and tour industry all over the globe.

The Travelport GDS system integration platform for FlightsLogic acts as the driven point for travel suppliers travel agencies, corporate and designers to get connected.

This will act as a medium for expanding profitability and permitting the online reservation system and different sources to acquire commercial success in the B2B (business-to-business) travel network.

Travelport has used the expanding demand of the travel business to redefine the distribution system including the core components of airlines and the ancillary products.

The organization is also known for achieving the way for the developing requirement for the travel business. With the vision of redefining the travel global system integration step by step, Travelport GDS have maintained their expertise in the travel business. Which has helped them to remain the best GDS system integration in the travel domain in the whole world.

One of the most outstanding examples made by Travelport GDS to stay as the pioneer of global distribution system (GDS) integration, is the initiative taken to plan the B2B payment solution, which was the first-ever in the travel industry.

The B2B payment solution was the answer to the much-awaited demand of the travel intermediaries to achieve the travel transaction securely and safely. What makes Travelport pioneer among the GDS suppliers is its effectiveness with which it mastered its extra services.

The extra services offered are the promoting solutions, information services for business intelligence, services for subscription and offering analogical marketing devices for travel agencies, travel information clients and travel suppliers.

Each of FlightsLogic's capacities brings down the search response time by quickening a few aspects of the travelers' booking experience. Online Travel Agencies can impact this strong technology by combining it into their software as the platform works to meet the needs of travelers now and in the future.

Our experts are specialists in the Travel Commerce Platform and their Universal API. The majority of Travelport's' functionalities can be implemented, tested, configured and refreshed to meet your business needs. You should also maintain the substance and abilities of your third-party proprietary software.

We have worked intimately with this gauge of innovation for the past years gaining experience in the scope of the software.

Counting those of online travel organizations (OTA) and global distribution systems (GDS)'s. If you are an online travel agency who wishes to change to mobile, at that point you should improve your mobile application or accelerate your website speed you can just integrate to Travelport's platform to prevent conversion loss.


How do you Integrate Travelport GDS into your Travel Website?


FlightsLogic is a Travel Technology Company that caters to the travel industry with a sole aim to give cost-effective travel technology services.

The different travel technology solution suppliers that give such similar services, we walk well ahead owing to its completely automated travel technology solutions. Among the different travel technology services which we give, major are Channel Management Software and GDS/API/XML integration for flights.

As a completely owned Travel Technology Company, we just manage the software part of the travel domain. Mobile application development and Travel SEO being two other remarkable regions of our Travel Technology Services.

Among the present loads of all the travel innovation organizations, we stand apart owing to our special attention towards the back office mechanization of the travel portal development.

Get in touch with us today for your travel technology services and we will be glad to help you. Through a Travelport GDS, the travel agents though have the alternative to get data and costs of different airlines at one time however still the travelers required the assistance of a travel agent to confirm their bookings.

Which developed a new need, where airlines needed to give a stage that could offer direct access to travelers to book tickets, thus Internet Booking Engines (IBEs) were presented.

The very first automated reservation system was set up by American Airlines in 1946 and was called Electromechanical Reservisor. Later American Airlines presented a bit complex booking system by launching Sabre (Semi-Automatic Business Research Environment).

At that point appeared DATAS, PARS, before CRS presented and just because travel agents, were permitted to reserve the spot themselves. This system still had a limitation where the system could handle details and data of one flight only.

So later CRSs (Computer Reservation Systems) was extended to GDS what was able the option to deal with reserving for various airlines at once. In short, Travelport GDS serves as a central system that permits transactions between various travel services provides, travel agents, airlines.

It helps to sell and buy different travel services online through certain channels. Travel agencies can easily contact any GDS currently to procure its services and sign a legal bond on payments and get the chance to access various services that it can offer to end clients keeping their commission set on each booking.

With FlightsLogic's integrated Travelport GDS, travel agencies and travel management companies can offer their inventory with more enhanced and wide choices of travel contents for reservation of flights with continuous information and best offers.

It builds business opportunities as it permits travel agents to service customers anytime. We give Travelport GDS integration of airlines throughout the world.

If you are making your travel business or entering for the first time in e-business, we are here to enable you to discover all the travel portal related solutions with Travelport GDS integration solutions.

The FlightsLogic platform is connected with 900+ Airlines throughout the world. Travel organizations can begin sharing and promoting their unique inventory by integrating Travelport software solutions by FlightsLogic and permits travel agents, corporate travel buyers, and travel developers to access your inventory.

We are a main global distribution system, which has client presence in 50+ nations including the globally accepted and recognized brands.

Our integrated Travelport GDS platform will help your travel companies to expand the revenue with lower cost and more effectiveness you will have the option to reach more travelers globally in every continent and channel who travels for business or relaxation. With our group of experienced experts, we can enable you to meet all your travel technology software needs.

A GDS global distribution system is termed to be the best type of advantage that it renders to its partners.

Partnering with a GDS system is finished with the aim of having a through client supports system to serve the client and have the option to have the highest level of customer fulfillment in return. You may collaborate with Travelport Apollo, Travelport Galileo or Travelport Worldspan, it's a similar level of service rendered.


The advantages that FlightsLogic has brought for the travel agencies and the travel management companies are: 


1. Performance Enhancement: FlightsLogic aims at improving the performance of travel agencies and travel management organizations. This is something that could be considered as the additional cream on the cake given by the organization. 

2. Development for the travel management company: The Travelport Account Management is made and planned with the aim of expanding the investment of its partner and implement service and technologies, which bring business improvement. 

3. Effective communication: The best part of FlightsLogic is the continuous communication that it renders to its partners. The communication is with respect to the product update, the changing pattern of the travel business, advisories for the service provided and update with respect to the training provided. 

4. Products and Services offered by FlightsLogic: The products and services offered by FlightsLogic have an extraordinary offer in its success. Various results of FlightsLogic have made it as the most favored GDS. 

5. Smartpoint: Smartpoint permits in using the newest technology and newest content, which would over the span of time take your business towards the peak of development. The matchless quality for travel agencies and travel management companies are profitable gains, improved client assistance and cost decrease. 

6. Universal API: Travelport's has created the first universal API for the Global Distribution System (GDS) as Universal API. It has the capacity of using a single API connection for giving data about the content and functionality. 

7. Promoting Platform for Airlines: This establishes of variety of travel sales and market retailing capacities through the GDS stage. It causes airline companies to offer items and services to the correct buyer at the right time and place. 

8. Mobile Agent: This component helps in accessing the Travelport Global Distribution System (GDS) with the assistance of smartphones or tablets.

This is an Android and iOS application which enables the travel agent to get to Travelport GDS at any time and location with a mobile device.

To get to a wide array of online inventory is integrated with at least one Hotel APIs. An API is a set of functions, methods or ways used by PC projects to request services from the OS, software libraries or some other service providers running on the framework.


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