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Flightslogic is an international travel technology and travel software company and we serve travel companies from 100+ countries across four continents. Flightslogic platform is powered by 200+ suppliers across flight, hotels, car, sightseeing, vacations and other ground services.

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We partner with our clients to provide strong distribution capabilities - B2B/B2C / B2B2C travel technology, automate travel business process, powerful back office system, flexible content management system and feature a unique standardization element.

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Flightslogic develop and enable access to extensive range of travel suppliers which includes all GDS, LCCs, 600,000+ Hotels, 200,000 Activities, 50000+ Car rental locations, Crusies, Eurail, Bus, Insurance and tours and travel experiences worldwide.

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One of the leading online booking engine providers EXCLUSIVELY for travel agencies. Our aim is to provide you with a fast and easy online access to the products your clients are asking for, wherever and whenever that may be.

Bedsonline XML API Integration - Take Your Agency To The Next Level

Bedsonline has merged three industry leaders to provide a partner with the expertise and industry experience to support your growth.




Bedsonline - Travel Agent Partner Portal for Hotels and Activities


Bedsonline is a prominent travel agency booking engine and online provider of global lodgings and auxiliary services to travel agencies worldwide. Bedsonline has over 40 years of expertise in the travel industry and offers a worldwide travel product range of hotels, transfers, destination experiences, and car rental services that can be customized to meet customer needs.

Over 60,000 travel agents have decided to integrate the Bedsonline API into their travel sites in order to increase booking opportunities and improve productivity. Bedsonline also offers a global portfolio of car rental providers that give outstanding service at a cheap cost and a large selection of transfer products with added luggage service to fulfil their client's needs.

In today's fast-paced travel industry, travel agencies and businesses must have access to a dependable, efficient, and adaptable booking system that meets the expectations of their clients.  With Bedsonline's integrated cross-selling tool, travel agents may include options for transfers, excursions, and vehicle rentals when booking lodgings. It also supports businesses in streamlining the hotel booking process, increasing efficiency, and building a solid reputation among clients.

Bedsonline is a powerful and user-friendly booking platform for travel agents, and they are a 360º travel partner. They offer a large property portfolio that is sourced locally by local contracting teams to provide travel agents with the best rates, global coverage, and a wide range of room types and availabilities. Travel agencies may get the best lodging search capabilities for their business by connecting to the Bedsonline system.

This API provides self-service capabilities that allow developers to manage issues on their own. Furthermore, the platform is absolutely free and cost-effective. Booking adjustments and cancellations are simple and may be done all at once. Moreover, it provides 24/7 customer assistance that handles booking alteration details, special requests, complaint management, and more.

Bedsonline API integration means distinguishing out in the travel market with a portfolio of 170,000 hotels in over 200 countries. The platform provides access to 12,000 activities in 120 countries and a vast range of transfer routes around 21,000 in 140 countries. 

As a member of the Hotelbeds group, this B2B travel service provider can make your online travel agency one of the most trusted and reputable brands. Throughout our journey, we have successfully established a number of online booking and transfer travel portals for DMC clients. Bedsonline is one of the leading online providers of accommodation and travel extras EXCLUSIVELY for agencies.

Bedsonline also provides special travel agent privileges, such as special travel agency pricing. They also provide consumers with personalized Promotions by merging traveler data with travel search, trip booking, and seasonality choices. Their content collection contains property descriptions in 29 worldwide languages, as well as 20 high-quality images.


Bedsonline offers the following features: 


  • Search tools: Bedsonline offers a smart search tool, intuitive search results, and quick search refinement with extensive filters

  • Map tool: Bedsonline offers a map tool to find the right hotel in the right location

  • Cross-selling tool: Bedsonline offers an integrated cross-selling tool to boost revenue

  • Property portfolio: Bedsonline offers a huge property portfolio that is locally sourced by local contracting teams

  • Insights: Bedsonline offers insights for travel agents, identifying which destinations and markets have more opportunities for accelerated and efficient business growth.


Build a flexible travel booking system with Bedsonline XML API Integration




If you work in the travel sector or own a travel agency, FlightsLogic can undoubtedly assist you in expanding your product range. You can attract more guests by offering the best hotel deals and rapid availability.

Our innovative API integration will surely assist you in streamlining the hotel search in your travel platform. We also provide low-cost travel technology solutions and portal maintenance. Building a customizable travel booking system using Bedsonline's API is simple because of FlightsLogic expertise in API integration. 

Our expert developers can smoothly integrate the Bedsonline XML API into existing platforms or create custom solutions to meet unique business demands. This level of personalization enables travel companies to keep their brand identity, provide distinctive products, and stay ahead in the highly competitive travel industry.

FlightsLogic provides highly experienced travel portal experts who offer innovative and secure travel technology and API integration for startups, SMEs, and corporate customers. We have years of expertise designing online booking engines, b2b travel portals, web travel portals, extranets, travel CRMs, and customized travel application solutions.

By providing a streamlined booking process, access to rich content, and support for multiple languages and currencies, the partnership between Bedsonline and FlightsLogic paves the way for travel businesses to thrive in the dynamic travel industry. Embrace the power of this flexible travel booking system and take your travel business to a new height.

We provide excellent Bedsonline XML API integration packaging solutions. You will discover a wide range of travel products at reasonable prices. You may expand your business even further by using our dependable and effective travel portal. Collaborate with us to increase brand visibility and reputation.

By connecting the Bedsonline XML API with FlightsLogic, travel companies receive real-time access to this large inventory. It guarantees that clients receive the most up-to-date information on availability, rates, and specials, improving their booking experience and boosting the possibility of converting leads into sales.

FlightsLogic's integration expertise guarantees that the travel booking system can easily support multiple languages and currencies. It is especially beneficial for worldwide travel businesses with customers from all over the world. Our integration of the Bedsonline API streamlines and optimizes the booking process. Customers may search for, compare, and book travel services all in one spot. The user interface guarantees a user-friendly experience, lowering the risk of abandoned bookings and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.


Are you looking for Bedsonline XML API Integration? 




Bedsonline's vast portfolio serves travel partners and clients in more than 150 regions, with the help of local service and sales teams throughout the world, while its robust booking engine supports simple search and a seamless booking experience. Bedsonline is the ideal partner for many travel suppliers worldwide because of its growing technology, large product inventory, and friendly customer service.

FlightsLogic offers the best Bedsonline XML API Integration at an affordable price. We provide the most cost-effective Travel Technology Solutions for travel agents, travel agencies, and travel management companies through Bedsonline XML API Integration. In case you are looking forward to Bedsonline API Integration services, contact us now. We can help you grow your business into one of the top travel service providers.

Bedsonline offers its travel agencies access to over 180k hotels in over 5,000 destinations worldwide, including 50,000+ properties in North and South America, 40,000+ properties in Asia Pacific, and over 80,000 properties in Europe and the Middle East Asia. It provides 12,000 activities in over 700 places across 185 countries, not just hotels.

Most travel agencies who wish to market rooms and activities in numerous places should integrate Bedsonline's travel API. When you connect its API, its versatile booking system allows you to book a vast range of products, including hotels, villas, flats, and rural hotels, with online confirmation and automatic printing of client papers. It also provides hotel, vehicle rental, transportation, excursions, and activities to travel companies while improving the entire consumer experience across all touchpoints. 

Travel agents employ self-service technologies to manage queries like making modifications, adding special requests, obtaining feedback, and resolving complaints, among other things.

Bedsonline provides numerous XML APIs to obtain over 10,000 hotel inventories globally. With such a large inventory, travel agents may outsource the data of the best available rates and offer 24/7 service.

Its API offers the best lodging search functionality to travel agents. It ensures high availability and affordable pricing. Bedsonline for travel agencies enables them to provide their customers with a personalized and comprehensive selection of services, including transfers, car rentals, and activities with each hotel booking. The connection enhances the hotel booking process and, as a result, boosts revenue. 


Reasons Investing In Bedsonline XML API Is Beneficial


  • You may have access to over 72,000 locations globally. As a result, provide your consumers access to all their travel needs.

  • The all-inclusive deal provides you with the best hotels at reasonable prices.

  • It provides negotiation deals that cannot be anyway matched by competitors.

  • Flexible booking system that can be accessed easily by everyone.

  • Availability of the widest range of travel products (hotels, apartments, villas, luxury accommodations, homestays, rural hotels).

  • Clients are offered accommodations with 100% quick confirmation and automated printing.

  • It gives agencies the ability to arrange accommodations, transportation, vehicle rentals, and excursion bookings to ease the trip experience.


Benefits Of Bedsonline XML API Integration


Customizable Itineraries


Each customer has distinct needs. Catering to each customer's wants should not be a complex procedure. Travel agencies may create a bespoke itinerary that matches the specific needs of Bedsonline. It has 20 filters that may be used to provide a more personalized experience. Travel agencies may use Bedsonline to book individual components or combine them to create a customized package itinerary, increasing their customers' travel experiences with extra value and flexibility.


Send Streamlined Quotes


Sending quotations to clients has never been easier than with Bedsonline. All it takes is a single button click. Choose the hotels, enter the dates of stay and the room prices you wish to present, and then decide whether to download or email a PDF to your clients for their review.


Cruise Transfers


Bedsonline travel agents can easily book cruise transfers and shore excursions. In almost every port, Bedsonline offers a variety of point-to-point transfer options, including both shared and private transfers. It not only helps agents to provide their customers with a more comprehensive holiday experience, but it also improves the link between client and agent and raises their prospective commissions.


Pay Later


Customers of Bedsonline travel agencies can book the service and pay later. Your clients can manage their payment schedule. They might choose to pay later or in instalments. You may give your consumers fast booking confirmation. They can make the payment three days before the cancellation penalty.


Admin Fee Add-on


Bedsonline agents may add a percentage markup to the entire booking cost as an administrative fee. This commission is not displayed on the client's receipt. The client can only view the package price.


Why Bedsonline?


Bedsonline effectively distributes lodging, car rental, transfers, excursions, and activities to travel agencies, all while streamlining the consumer experience across all its touch points.

  • A product portfolio designed for your customers

  • Exclusive travel agent's benefits

  • 24/7 agents and customer support

  • Your Bedsonline account management team

  • Flexible Payment Terms and Rewards

  • An unrivalled travel agent booking platform

  • Offers global product portfolio of more than 180K hotels in more than 5,000 destinations in 185 countries

  • 50,000+ properties in North and South America

  • 40,000+ properties in Asia Pacific

  • 80,000 properties in Europe and the Middle East.

  • Expansive activities portfolio which consists of 12000+ activities in over 700 destinations across 185+ countries.

  • 100% exclusive agreements in 3,000 global properties

  • Have an expert team of 900+ contract managers

  • Focused on direct contracting to provide prices for hotels, activities, and transfer services.




Travel agents who wish to sell lodgings in numerous places should become Bedsonline travel agents. It links them to thousands of hotels worldwide. When its API is connected to the agent's B2B or B2C site, it allows them to obtain the most detailed and desired results instantly. Use our Travel Portal Solution's cutting-edge knowledge to integrate the Bedsonline API seamlessly. Contact us right away to get a demo! 

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