MICE Solutions

Increase your sales and productivity with our web-based MICE Solutions to manage your entire travel business.

MICE Solutions - Manage All Your Events and Bookings On A Single Platform!

Managing group bookings is now easier than ever with our Travel MICE software with mobile application & MICE Accounting Tool.

MICE software expands across a wide range of vertical lines, ranging from increasing customer satisfaction, enriching their loyalty, and driving your sales volume.

To enable clients with a convenient and time-saving approach, FlightsLogic has incorporated the MICE app feature that simplifies the entire travel booking process.

We are a pioneer in Corporate MICE travel solutions. We offer MICE tourism solutions tailored to the specific needs of our corporate clients. We have strong destination expertise, market presence, and alliances with different hotel airlines, vendors, and travel partners around the world.

This helps us to create events of outstanding value for our diverse list of clients. Our extensive access point and an experienced team of travel experts help us in making our client's business success.

Why consider MICE solution for your business? Why is it important?

MICE solutions are driven by state-of-the-art technology and enable full on-site management of meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions. MICE software is much more than tour services – with all-in-one professional services designed for the planning and implementation of outdoor, indoor and evening events.

Our bespoke solutions are also built for corporate tour booking, sightseeing, gala-driven events, product launches, and sporting events. Tour software is specifically designed for tour operators, incoming agencies, DMCs and MICE to better manage their business. It is a comprehensive solution with the right feature set, such as Full Automation & Tracking, Live Analytics, Reporting, and Upselling & Cross-selling.

We offer a comprehensive MICE travel package. We customize each event to suit your needs. You are fully updated about all the aspects so that you know what to expect when you finally reach the venue. Managing group bookings is now easier than ever with our Travel MICE software with mobile application & MICE Accounting Tool.

With our high professional interactions with diverse airlines and hotels, we offer exceptional MICE services at affordable rates all over the world. Our highly specialized and experienced team is always inspired and guided to continually increase interaction and to form new professional associations. We also work with highly enthusiastic event teams to organize incredible and unforgettable outings/excursions.

At FlightsLogic, we designed to bring a time-saving approach for the users with an intuitive MICE app. Those who have recognized us can use this app to make travel bookings easier. It reduces the manual efforts up to 90% with minimal chances of human errors.

Managing meetings and events is a difficult operating task, but MICE software makes it easy to keep the bulk of the data in the inspection. Instead, one can evolve the event space to bring more value and accuracy to their business.

Event Management Software is an online POS integration system that allows you to take full control of event management as well as your customer data. The web-based event portal software is best suited for the management of professional and academic conferences, trade shows, small and large scale events, business events, etc.

FlightsLogic is a global leader in event management software, development and deployment. We play a vital role in delivering best-in-class event management software for complete management and 100% process automation.

Whether your customers are planning global conferences or marketing external events, we offer a flexible solution to meet your needs. We develop applications that provide a comprehensive solution for small to mid-sized companies who need more control over their meetings and events.

MICE Solutions (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) allows the user to fully engage in the event with no need to manage business travel. The software takes full control of everything with all the relevant information about the travel.

Key Features
Data management is easy

The MICE solution keeps all data centralized, making it easy to track data on the number of event registrations and related aspects.

SOS Emergency

Guest can notify their real-time location to their respective tour guide and group members.


The app feature reduces the overall cost by minimizing travel expenses that can be used by businesses for branding purposes.


It is no longer required to keep the bunch of excel data files as App is facilitating the digital world.

Communication is quite easy via an app.

The app makes everything smooth from registering to an event, checking schedules, and communicating within the system.

Event planning is now not at all a thing to stress about

MICE software disperses the stress of Travel Management by accelerating the process, streamlining otherwise endless processes.

User friendly

An intuitive and easy-to-use app that can be easily accessed by registered users.

Eliminate efforts

The MICE app reduces manual effort by up to 90% and minimizes the risk of human error.

You can save money

Event registration with software or app intelligently cuts the cost and effort of publishing documents that can be used in other profit-generating and branding activities.

Best MICE Management Tools To Increase Business Productivity

FlightsLogic has a dedicated team of MICE specialists who will work closely with you, from beginning to end, to deliver a customized system tailored to your specific aims and goals. We strive to ensure the flawless provision of products to create a wow experience for the program participants.

What's more, our years of experience in the industry, our strong relationship with hotels and airlines, and our experienced staff, enable us to deliver unparalleled service at competitive prices, making us the ideal partner for any of your MICE requirements.

The Meeting, Incentive, Conventions, and Exhibitions (MICE) industry is one of the most complicated, integrated, and revolutionary complexes. It is the latest form of business tourism that is also the fastest-growing part of the global tourism market.

It caters to various forms of business meetings, international conferences, and conventions, events and exhibitions, and is slowly but steadily capturing every big travel agency exposure.

The importance of the MICE industry is based on the assumption that it transforms business meetings and conferences into more glamorous and enjoyable events for delegates and participants.

The diverse business travel sectors and the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions & Events) approach allow companies to control expenditure in a better way. With the MICE online booking system from

FlightsLogic, you can manage air tickets, accommodation, event management, forex, visas, travel insurance, etc. efficiently for your corporate clients.

MICE Solution will enable you to meet all the travel needs of your client, including corporate, professional conference organizers and business marketing users. FlightsLogic's MICE booking system will help you carry out registration, ticketing, and other procedures.

Our MICE reservation system and online event management system for the MICE industry (Meetings, Incentives, and Conference & Events). Boost sales and profitability with FlightsLogic's complete MICE solutions. Streamlined CRM, proposal building, budgeting, and supplier management and reporting to MICE.

Contact us today for a discussion on building MICE software solutions-Meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions for your travel agency.

Key Benefits of MICE Solutions

Our complete end to end MICE services include

How FlightsLogic can transform your Travel Business?

The travel industry is changing at a rapid pace due to the remarkable technological advances that take place across the globe. It requires a comprehensive travel software suite that can streamline all business operations and is best suited to the needs of customers.

FlightsLogic is a leading travel technology company with a focused approach to providing comprehensive solutions to a wide range of business verticals. We comprehend that every business is unique and so are its requirements. Recognizing all this, we have a vast range of products for OTAs, DMCs, TMCs, MICE, Incoming Agencies, and Tour Operators.

We aim to facilitate innovative technology tools to improve business value. Automation is at the core of everything we do to give you more opportunity to run your business.

We provide a comprehensive online travel software solution complete with a travel booking website, secure mid-office for operations and revenue management, and back-office accounting solution that incorporates a variety of travel services - flights, hotels, transfers, tours, car rental, packages, etc in a single console for B2B and B2C customers.

FlightsLogic is a perfect solution for travel companies offering high-quality travel solutions with top-notch services at the best prices. We provide an end-to-end web-based software platform for travel agents, tour operators, corporate and end-users, and help you manage your business online and simplify working procedures to make your business more successful.

With a simple and effective user interface, our smart and easy-to-use software solutions for your growing travel business! It removes the technological gap by offering an efficient, cost-effective, and easy-to-use tool to create, book, manage, integrate and distribute travel inventory.

By using state-of-the-art technology facilities, FlightsLogic enables travel companies to gain a comparative edge at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. We believe that to enhance growth in the worldwide travel sector, sophisticated but simple technology must be accessible to all.

Our team has worked with travel technologies around the world for many years and has a deep understanding of the requirements of travel industry.

Not only do we offer ready-made products, but we also offer customized travel solutions that suit the client needs, that are integrated with different suppliers and also offer inventory management systems for hotels, attractions, activities, transport services, travel insurance and more.

Our solutions are best suited for all sizes of small travel agencies and medium to large travel agents, hoteliers, B2B Travel Agents, B2C Travel Agents, DMC, Consolidators and online travel agents. We understand each client's vision for their business, before designing and developing the solution to achieve this ideology.

We provide solutions for travel portal and software solutions from travel websites, online travel portals, booking engines, hotel websites, white-label software solutions, travel mobile apps, digital marketing solutions, XML/API integrations, transport services, inventory management systems & travel CRM software.

While you're a start-up or a well-established travel company, you just need to get your travel business online for better business growth. Our online booking engine is a modern and scalable web booking and reservations system that has driven high-performance growth for our travel customers, including tour operators, wholesalers, destination management companies (DMC), B2B and B2C online travel companies and online travel agencies (OTAs).

Our market-leading platforms and systems combine industry expertise with a strong foundation of proven technology for a variety of business models.

With several years of expertise, FlightsLogic delivers and manages business-critical applications and infrastructures. Our extensive industry experience and realistic delivery models enable customers to meet business objectives, timeframes, and service levels.