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We introduce travel technology solutions to the global travel industry and puts platform power in your hands!

FlightsLogic - An Ideal Partner for Leveraging Innovative Solutions to Emerging Tech

FlightsLogic is a global leader in the development of innovative solutions for the travel and tourism sector. We understand that each market segment has its own specific needs and priorities that need to be addressed.

Travel, tourism, or hospitality; no matter what your industrial background, you need a powerful online footprint to elevate your business to the next level. Our solutions are tailored to the core drivers of each industry segment.

As a professional travel portal development company, we have the ability to offer technological solutions to the travel & tourism sector. Our Travel Application Development Team understands the terms of the industry and helps you meet the growing demand from users and partners.

Our focus is on solving the complexities faced by travel companies relating to business processes, operational efficiency, IT consulting, branding, and customer loyalty through our innovative software solutions.

Get expert travel mobile app solutions with FlightsLogic to give wings to your travel business and great travel experience to your customers. We are experts in developing futuristic mobile apps on modern technologies.

We deliver the best competitive rate for all aspects of B2B and B2C. Our experts can build the right platform for all types of clients, from smaller travel agents to large-scale travel companies.

Advanced Capabilities to Differentiate Your Offering

We at FlightsLogic have extensive knowledge in a variety of business domains. Through combining our industry experience with outstanding technical expertise, we help businesses and entrepreneurs build innovative products from the ground up.

We empower our partners with a powerful system, unmatched industry experience, and an open platform that enables innovation and customization.

Additionally, our vast portfolio of services enables developers to create value across the entire travel cycle – from innovation and search to providing personalized services.

Our team delivers the best travel portal software with a comprehensive and powerful online booking system. Designed especially for travel management companies, destination management companies, and travel agencies.

We deliver development for all aspects B2B and B2C with the best competitive rates. Our experts are able to build the right platform for all types of customers, from smaller travel agents to large travel companies.

Get Complete Solutions under One Roof

We are a travel technology company that powers the global travel industry. With decades of revolutionary firsts, our team of experts drives innovation and ingenuity in the industry. We have a full set of applications built specifically for the aviation industry.

We are a trusted technology partner for a number of successful global companies and businesses. We have helped to bring ideas to life by building sustainable business practices across industries.

FlighsLogic is integrated with the GDS Flight API integration, allowing travel agents and travel portal websites to book flights online.

We have also built and developed booking engines that are integrated with GDS features that are very useful for travel agencies. Furthermore, we are partnered with top GDS providing businesses like Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport, Worldspan, and many more.

We provide profound assistance in the integration of the XML Travel API, consolidated with different service providers across the global travel market. Also, through our exceptional support as an XML API provider, we help you deploy XML functionality on your travel portal.

Learn more about how we can help customers work more effectively, boost sales, and deliver personalized traveler experiences with next-generation technology solutions.

Seamless Integration Of Flight APIs

FlightsLogic helps you to build your own flight booking website and can improve existing products, systems, and operations. Integration of our online flight booking API on your website will help you expand the range of travel products in a short period of time.

Real-Time Global AirFare

Flight API integration with us helps you to connect to Global Airfares from 900 + Global airlines with a single API Integration. Use real-time flight data to improve your business growth. FlightsLogic develops XML based travel APIs and booking systems for travel agents, tour operators ,corporates and travel companies.


Explore Our Global Flight API Solutions

Global Inventory

Search and Book

Multi GDS

Global LCCs

Manage Booking

FlightsLogic enables Online Travel Companies to source global airfares from 100+ countries. Quick and Simpler integration with us improve your conversion rates and now you can sell to customers across the world.

Inventory Management System

Integrate with our advanced Flight API to simplify the management of inventory, availability and rates. Our Flight API enables to engage and connect you to global customers.

Powerful Platform To Delight Your Customers

FlightsLogic offers a wide range of solutions with access to global distribution systems. You can promote auxiliary services and products on your booking websites, using FlightsLogic’s flight API.


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