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Flightslogic is an international travel technology and travel software company and we serve travel companies from 100+ countries across four continents. Flightslogic platform is powered by 200+ suppliers across flight, hotels, car, sightseeing, vacations and other ground services.

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We partner with our clients to provide strong distribution capabilities - B2B/B2C / B2B2C travel technology, automate travel business process, powerful back office system, flexible content management system and feature a unique standardization element.

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Flightslogic develop and enable access to extensive range of travel suppliers which includes all GDS, LCCs, 600,000+ Hotels, 200,000 Activities, 50000+ Car rental locations, Crusies, Eurail, Bus, Insurance and tours and travel experiences worldwide.

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One of the leading online booking engine providers EXCLUSIVELY for travel agencies. Our aim is to provide you with a fast and easy online access to the products your clients are asking for, wherever and whenever that may be.

Dynamic Hotel Mapping - Manage Your Room Rates & Availability in Real-time

Dynamic Hotel Mapping is an outstanding tool that helps hoteliers and travel companies provide their clients with unique hotel data while also enhancing the consumer booking experience.




What is Dynamic Hotel Mapping?


The Dynamic Hotel Mapping Methodology collects all unique hotel data for hoteliers from many sources such as Hotel Extranet, Channel Manager, and XML/API and helps them to incorporate this hotel data into their website to reduce duplicate registration of hotels.

Hotel mapping is the process of combining property IDs from several sources into a single property record in order to avoid inconsistent name and listing duplication. When an OTA or travel agency obtains information from two or more channels, such as bed banks, channel managers, GDSs, and larger OTAs, duplications and inconsistent listings occur.

FlightsLogic offers an advanced real-time hotel mapping system to display the distribution network and unique hotel inventory across various providers. This hotel mapping strategy is the best tool for hoteliers to map hotel content and avoid booking the wrong hotel. 

There are several advantages to Dynamic Hotel Mapping. It uniquely maps hotels and instantly synchronizes all hotel data on the website. It displays the best hotel rates and offers instant booking confirmation to improve customer experience and reservations. 

Our mapping suppliers identify incorrect and duplicate data records in every database, whether in your direct portfolio or the portfolios of your partners. Whether for hotels, hotel complexes, vacation homes, rating sites, or other content suppliers.

FlightsLogic employs and enables mapping solutions through its partners. Our mapping partners incorporate codes to uniquely identify and facilitate structured data upkeep for all forms of lodging. It leads to fewer duplication and inaccurate allocations in your booking platform, which is especially important if your travel company wants to adopt a multi-supplier approach. 

With dynamic hotel mapping, you can enhance user experience, optimize search results, and increase reservations with exact and comprehensive hotel data.


How Does Dynamic Hotel Mapping Work? 




In general, hotel mapping refers to handling such details as:

  • Property Name,

  • Contact Information,

  • Address,

  • Zip Code,

  • Descriptions,

  • Geo-Location,

  • Policies, Etc.

Hotel mapping software allows you to regain control and unify the information, enhancing the quality and accuracy of the data you display and, ultimately, client happiness. If the rates provided by various providers differ, an OTA may choose the best deal and get more reservations.


Hotel Mapping Providers And Tools:




GIATA: The largest hotel database with automated and manual mapping


GIATA is the industry leader in hotel mapping, with a hotel directory that includes around 1.2 million hotels and 124 million booking codes. The universal property codes – GIATA MultiCodes – are now industry standard, allowing diverse stakeholders in the travel distribution ecosystem to utilize the same ID system to share information without additional mapping work.

GIATA provides mapping services to hotels, metasearch engines, online travel agencies (including TripAdvisor), bed banks (including Hotelbeds and MTS Globe), GDSs (including Amadeus and Sabre), and tour operators. GIATA hotel ID provides the following information about a property via REST API:

  • Location (address, city, country)

  • Contact information (email, phone, fax)

  • Hotel website URL

  • Longitude/latitude

  • Geocode

  • Booking code

  • GDS/CRS code

  • Chain affiliation

  • Official star and recommended ratings

  • Near airports

  • Link to content in other languages


Gimmonix: Mapped inventory in under 24 hours 


Gimmonix is a travel technology company that provides fully automated cloud-based solutions with a focus on data integrity with Mapping. According to Gimmonix, processing listings data takes only 24 hours and requires no manual labor. Their database now has 1.9 million properties.

Hotel mapping can help suppliers and OTAs. It is available as an API integration or as a GUI with a drag-and-drop interface where you may upload a file containing hotel data to be processed automatically over FTP protocol. The program also features an analysis module that provides information on the best-selling inventories. Gimmonix is committed to providing mapping services that ensure greater productivity and profitability through API connectivity and automated mapping solutions.

Hotel mapping has simplified the hotel booking process for consumers and website owners. Without it, offering the convenience of a booking might not be as simple as it is now. It matches the hotel inventory and generates a high-performing product, benefiting both consumers and owners.


DataBindR: The most detailed room-level mapping with spell check


DataBindR is a supplier of cloud mapping that employs machine learning and natural language processing. They provide two hotel data mapping options.

HotelMappR enables businesses to map various inventory catalogs. A user must upload their hotel catalog as a CSV/Excel file to receive a file with mapped information that is ready for integration.

HotelBindr and RoomBindR are REST API-based hotel and room mapping services. The hotel-level API handles critical hotel information, providing a portfolio in several languages if necessary. This data set includes: 

  • Country ID

  • Hotel name

  • Hotel address and town

  • Hotel category

  • Hotel ZIP code

  • Longitude and latitude


Juniper Unique Hotel: An integrated booking engine solution with mapping opportunities


Juniper is a Spanish travel solutions business that offers services to OTAs, hotels, DMCs, and wholesalers. Its mapping tool is a module of its booking engine, Juniper Unique Hotel. 

It standardizes the list of hotels and rooms, allowing you to sort by price or source. The booking engine connects to the source database via XML and maps the content. Juniper Booking Engine has connections to over 300 providers.


How Dynamic Hotel Mapping Impacts Your Business?


A dynamic mapping platform may help your business improve its offerings and client experiences in various ways. Depending on the type of organization and the requirements, you may use mapping systems to produce innovative services and enhance management.

Many online travel agencies collect data from multiple sources to ensure a diverse range of information. However, due to duplication and overlap across distinct list sets, the acquired data is frequently erroneous and inconsistent, which is where hotel mapping comes in. It is a travel technology solution that collects all of the hotel properties for a specific area that has been obtained in a systematic manner from various sources, reducing inconsistency and duplication in hotels.

Hotel mapping collects and displays a range of information about the facility. Address, zip code, geolocation, contact info, and general policies are examples of such details accumulated by hotel mapping. You may work with thousands of hotels, each with its unique way of ordering and describing their rooms and services. Hotel mapping connects many systems, ensuring that hotel data is appropriately translated and displayed on the travel agent's website.

By adopting dynamic hotel mapping, online travel companies can improve the user experience, keep customers delighted, and stay ahead of the competition.

FlightsLogic is a prominent Travel Technology Company that specializes in offering white-label and customized travel solutions to travel wholesalers. Furthermore, its powerful, automated Web-based platform is designed with built-in features to handle client subscriptions and registrations without the hassle. With our hotel mapping service, travel technology companies:

  • Reduce L2B and hardware expenses.

  • Improve sales and surpass commission goals with partners

  • Enhance internal mapping quality and avoid costly mapping software errors.

  • Remove duplicates of hotel names and IDs across hotel supply partners.

  • Monitor and maintain a centralized master inventory record for hotels.

  • Map hotel supply partner data to internal standards.


Is hotel mapping necessary?


Yes, hotel mapping is a critical component of hotel websites and online travel agencies. One of the most important features is to provide your users with a hassle-free experience, which may not always be possible without hotel mapping.  


Benefits of Dynamic Hotel Mapping


Hotel mapping is crucial for online travel agencies (OTAs) to provide tourists with a seamless and quick booking experience. It entails developing a systematic and well-organized framework of hotel data to assist OTAs in categorizing and presenting hotel alternatives to their clients. Let's look at the advantages of hotel mapping for online travel agents.


Enhanced Search and Filtering


Hotel mapping enables OTAs to give their clients more search and filtering possibilities. OTAs can guarantee that consumers obtain complete and relevant search results by mapping other hotel listings, making it easier for travelers to locate the appropriate lodging based on their choices, such as location, facilities, price range, and more.


Improved Content Quality


Using Hotel Mapping, OTAs can maintain content quality across several platforms. It helps to standardize hotel information such as room types, descriptions, images, and amenities. By offering consistent and accurate content, OTAs may build trust with their clients and provide reliable data, resulting in higher consumer satisfaction and repeat reservations.


Seamless Booking Experience


OTAs can create a streamlined booking experience for their clients by utilizing hotel mapping. When travelers select a hotel on an OTA's website, they may be specific that the hotel they book is the same as the one they researched elsewhere. This uniformity minimizes uncertainty and provides a simple booking experience, increasing client loyalty.


Partnership Opportunities


Hotel mapping also provides OTAs with new prospects for collaboration. By mapping hotels across many platforms, OTAs may create strong connections with hotel networks, individual properties, and other travel-related businesses. This partnership may result in mutually advantageous arrangements such as negotiated prices, exclusive promotions, and access to unique inventory, all of which improve the OTA's market competitiveness.


Inventory Management


Hotel mapping enables OTAs to manage their inventory. They must maintain track of the availability of rooms at each hotel, including different room kinds and price possibilities. OTAs may update availability in real-time by mapping hotels and their room inventories, ensuring that clients receive up-to-date information. It reduces the likelihood of multiple reservations and gives correct availability data to clients, reducing the chances of disappointment during the booking process.


Cross-Selling Opportunities


OTAs can provide extra services and upsell chances by using hotel mapping. When you book a hotel room, the OTA may suggest additional services such as airport transfers, sightseeing tours, or restaurant reservations. OTAs may use hotel mapping to connect hotels to relevant services and expose them to clients, improving their travel experience.  It's like having an informed travel companion who can recommend additional options depending on your needs and preferences.


Improved Rate Management


Hotel mapping supports OTAs in efficiently managing rates and pricing strategies. Depending on the season, weekdays, or special events, hotels offer varying room types, pricing, and policies. OTAs can effectively display pricing information, such as discounts, promotions, or dynamic pricing, by mapping hotels and their rate structures. It assists clients in making informed decisions while ensuring that the rates displayed are updated and consistent across platforms. 


Integration with Booking Platforms


Hotel mapping systems collaborate with online booking platforms to allow customers to book their favorite hotel directly from the map. It makes reserving a hotel simple and hassle-free.


Why Choose FlightsLogic?


FlightsLogic is an effective tool for obtaining information from numerous sources in the hotel industry. It provides businesses with a complete view of the hotel industry by combining data on pricing, availability, reviews, addresses, and other factors.
Our experts offer the best hotel booking software with the top 80+ XML In and XML OUT Suppliers worldwide and the best hotel data to improve the customer experience and create a robust hotel contacting system that suits your brand identity. 

We offer high-quality travel services to both business and leisure clients. Tour operators, travel agencies, sub-agents, travel organizations, and others benefit greatly from our products.

FlightsLogic Booking Engine is a fully tailored solution based on your hotel profile that allows travelers to make quicker, easier, and more accurate reservations directly from the hotel's website.

Integrating a Hotel Aggregator API can help you improve customer experience, optimize revenue management, and remain ahead of the competition. Online Travel Booking is now the most secure way for travelers to book and pay for their trips. It makes the process easier for both you and your visitors.

FlightsLogic is a leading Travel Software Development Company that provides hotels with the best Hotel Booking Software, including Hotel Extranet, OTH, Hotel XML IN, Hotel XML Out, and Hotel Channel Manager, in order to automate day-to-day hotel management operations and maximize profits.

If you are also looking for hotel mapping solutions or want to know more about hotel content mapping and travel technology services, you can contact FlightsLogic.

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