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Flightslogic is an international travel technology and travel software company and we serve travel companies from 100+ countries across four continents. Flightslogic platform is powered by 200+ suppliers across flight, hotels, car, sightseeing, vacations and other ground services.

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We partner with our clients to provide strong distribution capabilities - B2B/B2C / B2B2C travel technology, automate travel business process, powerful back office system, flexible content management system and feature a unique standardization element.

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Flightslogic develop and enable access to extensive range of travel suppliers which includes all GDS, LCCs, 600,000+ Hotels, 200,000 Activities, 50000+ Car rental locations, Crusies, Eurail, Bus, Insurance and tours and travel experiences worldwide.

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One of the leading online booking engine providers EXCLUSIVELY for travel agencies. Our aim is to provide you with a fast and easy online access to the products your clients are asking for, wherever and whenever that may be.

Rail API - Get Our Rail API To Boost Sales

FlightsLogic is a leading Travel Technology Company that offers the best Rail API Integration for travel agents and tour operators.




What is Rail API?


Rail API connects global railway providers to give travel agencies access to global train inventory, pricing, and ticketing capabilities, allowing them to offer train tickets alongside their other services and maximize revenue.

Train API provides access to dynamic pricing for train tickets and online train ticket search and booking features from numerous train suppliers and railway providers via a single API connection, allowing travel firms to sell train tickets in real-time via websites.

Users can connect to address consolidators and GDS systems using this technology. It also allows you to grow the site by offering value-added services. It helps to enhance revenue by giving responses to customer issues. With real-time data and analytics, operators may alter ticket pricing based on demand, optimize seating and capacity, and manage their inventory effortlessly. 

It can assist operators in maximizing their income potential and ensuring that their trains are running at maximum capacity. Furthermore, the data acquired by ticketing software can give significant insights into passenger behavior and preferences, allowing operators to understand and address the demands of their consumers.


How Does the Train Reservation System Work?


The online train booking system operates on a straightforward concept. Train booking software is integrated into a travel company's platform. The end user gains access to the site's information and provides the essential information. The agent then makes the reservation on the client's behalf.  

Customers are notified after the payment is received and the booking is confirmed.  It's done via email, SMS, or other notification systems. There are several advantages to using train ticket booking online. The primary benefit is the ease of getting a seat. 

The railway reservation system allows passengers to inquire about available trains based on their departure and arrival places, purchase and cancel tickets, inquire about the status of a booked ticket, and so on. It is a computerized system for pre-reserving train seats.

FlightsLogic innovative railway operations, booking, and distribution approach have considerably helped travel companies. This software solution provides agents access to a vast inventory and allows consumers to browse many possibilities. The rail reservation system has different models that regulate distribution, operations, reservations, revenue management, and integrations.

Our railway ticket booking system helps travel companies book and sell numerous trains with real-time availability and pricing in a single module. We provide XML integration services for trains and railroads to major industry players. Our robust, cloud-based booking system makes it simple to sell tickets online and reach a larger audience. 

You may also sell tickets offline through distribution partners and directly to clients. With an easy user interface and powerful search options, there is no limit to where your business may go! Our sophisticated technology makes it simple to keep track of your bookings and streamline your day-to-day operations, resulting in a hassle-free experience for railway operators and your consumers.

At FlightsLogic, we employ cutting-edge technology to assist our clients get the best deals on train tickets and rail passes. Choose from an unrivaled variety of countries and destinations to create your own one-of-a-kind rail journey. Our skilled team develops the best Train API for travel agencies and companies to help them increase their product offerings by integrating the best train inventory from global train suppliers and establishing the best customer experience to enhance online reservations.


Rail APIs from GDSs: access to all main rail carriers




Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) collect data from several providers, build APIs, and distribute them. OTAs regularly utilize GDS inventory for hotel rooms and flights, so if you're already linked, it makes it logical to leverage their train data. Using OTAs also eliminates the necessity for direct connections with dozens of providers. When compared to other smaller intermediaries, GDSs are not the most responsive partners.


Amadeus APIs


Rail capability is only available in Amadeus' Enterprise APIs, one of the two connection options offered by the company. These, in turn, give two SOAP API data delivery possibilities.


API ticketing sets contain data on:


  • Ticketing

  • Trip information

  • Cancellation regulations

  • Rail segment sale

  • Accommodations and supplements are calculated together for all passengers in a PNR.

  • The Search and Shopping API sets contain a large amount of data:

  • Quote for a multi-destination itinerary

  • Retrieving rules

  • Accommodation information for each part of the journey, including preferences

  • Can generate booking references in both the Amadeus system and on third-party websites.

  • Following air-rail codeshare agreements, Amadeus offers an Air-Rail Display platform where travel agencies and clients may compare and combine flights with train choices to provide a broader travel choice.


Sabre API


The Sabre Rail APIs cover the essentials with their broad range of capabilities. It is one of the travel providers.

  • Rail schedules and availability

  • Train and connection search

  • Ticketing and travel documents generation

  • Railcards purchasing

  • Tour managing

  • Cancellation

  • Codes for stations

  • Reservations search by passenger/travel data

  • Reports

  • Seat maps


Travelport API


The main feature of Travelport is the Universal API, which is a SOAP/XML API. It provides for the management of all trip booking choices in a single place, and it offers the following advantages to railway customers:

  • Ancillary services

  • Air-rail booking via a single ticket

  • Fares

  • Travel time

  • Train search and seat availability

  • Optimal connections with flights

  • Furthermore, Travelport offers an Airport Express service for organizing direct train connections from the airport. This plugin is available for an OTA's booking engine and allows agents to combine the transfer with any flight reservation.


Rail API Providers: Complex Technical Solutions




TravelFusion Rail API


One of the leading rail content aggregators is tfRail API. It connects to North American and European train companies via a single XML API key. Apart from that, for user convenience, it may be available through the three channels we mentioned: API key, Agency desktop (with full search automation, PNR, back-office, and report functionalities included), and Internet Booking Engine (web-based agency login portal for integration with booking management systems).

The tfRail API includes the following features:

  • Options for ticketing and fulfillment

  • Possibilities for reservations

  • Alternatives to fares

  • Service options

  • Post-booking activities


Trawex API


Trawex is a comprehensive travel technology platform that includes numerous business solutions. This API provides access to a huge collection of Trains and Stations data that includes features such as Rail live status, PNR status, seat map, services choices, and more. With this Rail API, you'll have access to essential details on your own.

Trawex Train Booking Engine is a complete XML connectivity solution that allows agents to manage services, schedules, fares, and cancellation policies. It provides agents and customers with access to:

  • Extensive search and availability

  • Seat maps

  • Modified database to include a new schedule of trains

  • Payment gateway

  • Multi-language and multi-currency support

  • Group booking.

  • Fare alternatives


Save A Train API


Save a Train is an innovative Rail Tech Startup and an Industry Leading Provider of Rail Tech Travel Products and Solutions that enable online train ticket booking and dynamic pricing. Save A Train API enables online travel agencies to sell Train Tickets to customers while providing a smooth train booking experience.

It provides direct connectivity to global ticket sellers, railway providers, and online train ticket search and booking options.  It is beneficial for travel agents, online travel agencies, and rail operators.

Direct connection to major railway carriers: cheap and tech-demanding

  • Amtrak railway

  • Alaska Railroads 

  • Deutsche Bahn API 


  • Eurail

  • Eurostar

  • ACP Rail

  • Trenitalia


How Does FlightsLogic Software Help the Rail Reservation System?


FlightsLogic is the top B2B solution provider company that creates customized APIs to fit the needs of its clients. It is all about harnessing technological innovation to make things easier. If you want to create a travel agency or become a travel agent, you'll need the best train booking API to succeed.

We provide API that allows you to access railway data without interruption, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional services to your clients. We have a skilled team of experts working on high-quality software solutions. You can count on us to deliver high-quality products. Choose our user-friendly train booking engine.

FlightsLogic has developed an innovative rail operations system for train services, schedules, inventories, fares, and rules in order to improve customer experience. The technology enabled direct users to search for train arrival and departure times and various available tickets or passes to purchase online for their railway travel plans. Online booking is the most convenient and dependable means of reserving tickets.

Our system may also integrate with your existing website, allowing visitors to check availability and make a ticket reservation over the Internet. Our railway reservation software solution is low-cost, highly sophisticated, and simple to use for all travel companies. Customers will be able to reserve and pay for tickets through the Internet.


Secure API


The API developed by the experts enables a secure online reservation system. Customers can use the API to view the ticket supply and order tickets online, depending on their needs. It saves you the trouble of standing in long queues to buy tickets.


Simple of Use


It is the best railway ticketing API for a smooth booking process. The interface is efficient and user-friendly, allowing for easy booking. The powerful B2C railway ticket booking software's functionality and ease of use will entice customers.


Secure Payment Gateway Integration


The API includes a secure payment gateway that enables passengers to pay for their tickets using the best payment option. The encrypted API prevents all financial and sensitive information from leaking.




Any new or expanding firm may benefit from the API at a low cost. APIs that are reasonably priced will help your business develop.


Several Features


With the API, you may check seat availability, determine PNR status, and find trains.


Benefits of Rail API


  • Faster response without lag time.

  • Our API is simple to implement and easy to use.

  • Insights available to analyze will help you to grow your business.

  • Cost-effective solution

  • Up-to-date database to provide the updated schedule of trains.

  • Our API simplifies your day-to-day activities

  • Your portal becomes more intelligent with our API

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  • GDS, XML & Travel API Integration
  • Complete booking management system
  • Comprehensive reporting module
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