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Flightslogic is an international travel technology and travel software company and we serve travel companies from 100+ countries across four continents. Flightslogic platform is powered by 200+ suppliers across flight, hotels, car, sightseeing, vacations and other ground services.

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We partner with our clients to provide strong distribution capabilities - B2B/B2C / B2B2C travel technology, automate travel business process, powerful back office system, flexible content management system and feature a unique standardization element.

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Flightslogic develop and enable access to extensive range of travel suppliers which includes all GDS, LCCs, 600,000+ Hotels, 200,000 Activities, 50000+ Car rental locations, Crusies, Eurail, Bus, Insurance and tours and travel experiences worldwide.

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One of the leading online booking engine providers EXCLUSIVELY for travel agencies. Our aim is to provide you with a fast and easy online access to the products your clients are asking for, wherever and whenever that may be.

W2M XML Out - Offer The Best Hotel Booking Service With W2M XML Out

FlightsLogic offers a cost-free installation of World to Meet W2M to benefit 30,000 directly contracted hotels and 500,000 hotels' global inventory.


What is W2M XML Out?


W2M is a global supplier of online and offline travel services in over 175 countries, providing hotel accommodations, transfers, excursions and tours, and handling services. Tour operators, travel wholesalers, OTAs, banks, and travel agencies are among their key clientele. Furthermore, it provides 24-hour customer service that handles booking modification details, special requests, complaint resolution, and more.

W2M has a diverse client base that includes tour operators, travel agencies, bed banks, OTAs, and wholesalers. They offer a variety of services, including tours, transportation, and hotels, as well as excursions and handling.

You can easily book hotels and transfers using W2M XML Out. The benefits of this API include a large inventory, as well as time and cost savings. W2M has three core brands: W2M DMC, W2M API, and W2M PRO. 

W2M DMC has developed to become one of Spain's leading response agencies and an essential partner for tour operators in destinations of Spain, Cuba, Andorra, Portugal, and the United States. They provide full tour operator support while delivering the best travel services such as groups, housing, transportation, vehicle rentals, and excursions. 

W2M PRO is the major Spanish tour operator of hotels and services, specializing in the sale of transfers, excursions, and hotels. W2M Pro is part of the World 2 Meet group, which has excellent relationships with over 9,000 travel agents in Spain, Portugal, and Italy. W2M Pro caters to all types of regimes, organizations, and categories, with a large inventory of 500,000+ hotels in over 175 countries worldwide.

This API makes transfer services more accessible by allowing distribution through websites and seamless support for mobile and tablet platforms. W2M API gives you access to a large W2M Portfolio of hotels and services in Spain and Andorra, which are contracted by local teams. They provide services to tour operators, OTAs, bed banks, and wholesalers. 

W2M XML Out allows you to access multiple data structures for booking, pricing, and availability. The data includes all relevant information about a hotel, such as room types, amenities, rates, taxes, and other details. Understanding this information will help you structure requests correctly and respond to received responses more efficiently when using the Hotel XML API.




  • 175 destinations

  • 30 offices in 15 countries

  • 7,000 Travel agencies from Spain and Portugal, as partners in W2M PRO Brand

  • 30,000 directly contracted hotels

  • 500,000 hotels' global inventory from 3rd party partners

  • Search for a hotel by city, category, hotel name, dates of stay, number of rooms and tourists

  • Search hotels on the map

  • View detailed hotel descriptions

  • View price breakdown per day

  • View information on penalty charges

  • Book hotels

  • Send comments on the order to the supplier

  • Edit hotel order (tourist names except for tour leader’s, dates of stay)

  • Print out vouchers

  • Cancel hotel bookings


Start Your Own Travel Business With Hotel XML API Integration


FlightsLogic has XML Out with W2M, a company that specializes in hotels, packages, accommodation, transfers, destination services, online distribution, API, online travel wholesaler, XML, B2B online, leisure destinations, tour operators, worldwide cities, and Spain. Using W2M XML Out, you can gain access to the global collection of tours, transfers, excursions, and hotels and accommodations, all of which are highly available.

We have a Hotel API Out with W2M, which has a vast inventory of 30,000+ properties accessible for direct contracting and over 500,000 unique hotels provided by third-party vendors. Their direct contracting strategy focuses on core products and solid agreements and commitments, which results in increased business for both accommodation providers and distribution partners.

Our team of professionals can help you implement the best Hotel XML Out functionality for your online portal, allowing your business to develop significantly. We can provide travel companies with the most effective W2M Hotel API Out Integration and W2M API connectivity. Our innovative API integration will undoubtedly aid in simplifying the accommodation search on your travel portal. In addition, we provide cost-effective travel technology solutions and portal maintenance.

FlightsLogic offers W2M XML Out API integration services to tour operators, travel agencies, and destination management companies, allowing them to expand their inventory and provide the best possible service to travelers and customers. We also offer third-party API integration, fully managed services, multilingual payments, and a comprehensive payment gateway.

As one of the industry's leading API integrators, we always provide our clients with robust, secure, and popular API integration. W2M XML integration is one of the leading hotel booking suppliers, securing the most competitive rates for travel agents and management companies.

Our Hotel API Integration services offer a range of benefits, such as improved access to hotel suppliers, real-time data exchange, customized solutions, technical support, and scalability. Using our services will help you improve your booking process, increase revenue, and provide a better booking experience for your customers. Using a Hotel API, you can streamline your online booking processes and provide better customer service to travelers looking for accommodation.

We have a network of agencies ready to provide the best travel experiences for all types of travelers. In addition, we offer a Corporate, Boutique, and Events service with an excellent team of professionals ready to create new service models tailored to the new corporate mobility.  


W2m operates three major business lines, which we will discuss below.


W2M DMC (destination management companies): 


W2M specializes in providing world-class leisure facilities for DMCs (destination management companies). The offices are located in popular global destinations such as Spain, Portugal, Malta, Turkey, Egypt, and Dubai. W2M is also available in the United States, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic.


W2M API (application programming interface): 


W2M also specializes in application programming interfaces by expanding the inventory of its partners. W2M API connectivity enables you to integrate W2M products with booking systems, websites, and travel portals. W2M has partnered with Juniper to provide services in over 30 countries. They work together to constantly adapt and innovate tailored solutions to meet the needs of every travel business. W2m has access to global hotels and services in Spain's cities, coast, and islands.




W2M PRO is one of Spain's leading tour operators, offering long-distance destinations and sales related to hotels, transfers, and excursions. W2M PRO distributes thousands of products and works with 9000 travel agencies across Spain, Portugal, and Italy.


About World To MeeT XML API


World2meet is the travel division of the Iberostar Group, serving as a growth platform and source of inspiration for market leadership.

The innovative booking system allows you to book and manage your whole bedbank online. The W2M hotel provider has over 22,000 direct contracts, with a total global inventory of over 345,000 hotels. Using the W2M hotels module you can search and book accommodation services in more than 175 countries. They provide three first-class service business lines to the travel industry: W2M DMC (a global leisure specialist with a key product and destination focus that operates as a full service).

W2M API (a global Bedbank and accommodation provider), and W2M PRO (a Spanish leading tour operator that serves over 7000 travel agencies in Spain and Portugal). With access to over 30,000 hotels, they continue to expand their portfolio. They can provide the best in the travel industry while growing their business globally.  






  • Contracts, bookings, and team yield management.

  • Dynamic systems and processes with quick response times.




  • Local tours and various activities for groups and individuals.




  • Private cars, buses, shuttles, and VIP cars.




  • Group excursions, conferences, and incentives.


Tour Solutions Operation:


  • We provide tailor-made web solutions for airlines and other tourism companies looking for tour operation solutions.


Why Do You Need Hotel Suppliers? 


Working with hotel suppliers allows travel companies to offer their customers a wide range of options. You can provide excellent properties at competitive prices. Access to premium content will also increase your chances of making a booking.  

The advent of technology that facilitates integration with hotel suppliers is beneficial to travel agents and businesses. Travel agents can integrate multiple suppliers, allowing them to provide a wide range of options to their customers. They can provide the best prices and properties, which benefits their business. Hotel supplies are the backbone of a hotel's day-to-day operations, enabling a seamless transition from back-office management to front-of-house guest satisfaction.

Their range of accommodation covers all types such as hotels, resorts, apartments, villas, aparthotels, B&B, hostels, etc. By associating with W2M XML Out, travel companies can enjoy competitive rates and exclusive deals on hotels. Hotel XML API integrations allow users to perform travel searches directly from their websites. 

W2M XML API integration provides a significant benefit by connecting a travel company to accommodation wholesalers, increasing the possibility of selecting the appropriate properties. 


Start Your Own Travel Business With Hotel XML API Integration


FlightsLogic, a leading travel technology company, specializes in W2M XML Out, which provides travel agencies and travel companies with unparalleled convenience and speed. We have extensive experience and expertise in travel portal development and can easily integrate your travel agency website with the W2M API, giving your business a competitive advantage.
Our XML integration is seamless, quick, and reliable. We offer travel booking software with a full range of automated search and book features, such as travel product listings, invoicing administration, and analytics. Our primary clientele are tour operators, travel wholesalers, OTAs, and travel agencies. We built our online travel booking system to be flexible and adapted to the specific needs of travel businesses. We design solutions that help travelers choose the ideal hotel for their next vacation. 

We provide a stable platform for travel distribution with our comprehensive API interface and cutting-edge technical infrastructure. We have committed to predicting future market demands and consumer wants in order to become market leaders in quality and value. As an accommodation wholesaler, this platform has a global inventory of over 300,000 hotels. As a result, you can easily imagine the profit it will bring your business.

FlightsLogic has extensive experience working with a variety of API/XML feed providers, and it adds value by significantly reducing time to market by connecting over a hundred suppliers via API/web services. We offer top-notch Hotel API integration services to businesses of all sizes. Our team of experts is committed to aiding you in optimizing your hotel booking process, improving revenue, and providing your customers with a seamless experience.

By connecting with several hotel suppliers via a single API, travel companies may offer their customers a broader range of hotels and rates, improving sales and profitability.

Furthermore, employing a Hotel API Integration service provider may save time and cost by eliminating the need to create and manage their own API connections with various hotel providers.

Our integration services allow you to connect with several hotel suppliers through a single API connection. It gives you access to a large inventory of hotels, allowing you to offer your customers a broader variety of options. With additional alternatives, you may fulfill your customers' demands and preferences, increasing the likelihood that they will book with your business.

FlightsLogic has the skills and experience with API and XML Web Services integration to develop an integrated, end-to-end online travel solution that enables travel businesses to offer a consolidated inventory while lowering costs. W2M (WORLD2MEET) provides hotel accommodations, transfers, excursions, tours, and handling services. Through W2M XML Out integration, travel companies can access extensive inventory and offer their customers a wide range of travel services.

Our Hotel API Integration services allow you to communicate real-time data with hotel providers. It implies that you can get the latest updates on hotel availability, pricing, and reservations. With real-time data, you can deliver accurate and timely information to your clients, improving their booking experience and increasing customer satisfaction.

We understand that each business has its own set of requirements and goals. As a result, we provide customized solutions to meet your specific requirements. Our team will collaborate with you to understand your business requirements and design an API solution that is suitable for your business model, technology infrastructure, and budget.

FlightsLogic offers World to Meet W2M XML API integration services to clients. With our services, you can easily create real-time availability and connect with more than 30000 hotels in 175 countries with W2M Hotel API Out. 

Our hotel API offers web services that enable online travel companies to collect and aggregate information from multiple hotel suppliers, including descriptions, availability, and pricing, into a single engine. Customers can now search for and book hotels worldwide with a single click.

Contact us to discuss the requirements of World to Meet W2M XML API integration.

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