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Flightslogic is an international travel technology and travel software company and we serve travel companies from 100+ countries across four continents. Flightslogic platform is powered by 200+ suppliers across flight, hotels, car, sightseeing, vacations and other ground services.

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We partner with our clients to provide strong distribution capabilities - B2B/B2C / B2B2C travel technology, automate travel business process, powerful back office system, flexible content management system and feature a unique standardization element.

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Flightslogic develop and enable access to extensive range of travel suppliers which includes all GDS, LCCs, 600,000+ Hotels, 200,000 Activities, 50000+ Car rental locations, Crusies, Eurail, Bus, Insurance and tours and travel experiences worldwide.

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One of the leading online booking engine providers EXCLUSIVELY for travel agencies. Our aim is to provide you with a fast and easy online access to the products your clients are asking for, wherever and whenever that may be.

XML Hotel Booking Engine - Custom B2B, B2C And B2B2C Hotel Booking Portals

We create customized B2B and B2C Hotel Booking Engines connected with any xml based hotel supplier APIs available in the current market.


FlightsLogic, the leading and innovative travel technology and travel software development company worldwide. We provide hassle-free XML Hotel Booking Engine to travel agents and tour operators.

We are providing a full facilitated Hotel Booking Engine API with automated booking, commission and reporting, which controls every booking, payments, and commissions. 

Our latest technology helps in time-saving by defining the search parameters by matching with thousands of hotel properties all over the market.

Also, our search engine filters the search by location, region, country, and cities with the location sketch and important brief information about the property.

The data support of our API for the client requirements for mobile and web applications integrates with fast in response through Application Programming Interface.

FlightsLogic Hotel Booking Engine API aggregates all the hotel contents into one single API system from the international hotel suppliers, hotel chains, hotel consolidators, Online Travel Agents (OTAs), and the rest independent hotels.


Upgrade Your Hotel Business With Our Customised Hotel Booking Engine Solutions


Our Hotel Booking Engine and technical API documentation have been built for the easiness of use and access for our clients.

Our Hotel Booking Engine API provides a complete structure of the hotel by highlighting the images of room types, descriptions of facilities and ancillaries of over 500,000 properties from the international market.

Our Booking Engine provides the ease of search from the lower and affordable prices for the clients that help to maintain comfort and avoid complications in Hotel booking.


FlightsLogic XML Hotel Booking Engine (API/XML)


An Application Programming Interface is a strategy by which an organization can give their products and services to another organization in an authentic manner.

When you have incorporated our API/XML into your online platform/booking engine, the clients of your site will be able to get to an assortment of products and services.

Through long haul participation with different travel partners, the travel industry organizations, OTAs and B2B wholesalers around the globe.

FlightsLogic provides API based on completed search engines to support a fully automated process including searching, booking, pricing, order generating, automatic ticketing and voucher issuance.

This allows our clients to optimize their website with ticketing and hotel resources through a series of interfaces. API clients can comprehensively improve prices.

This sort of association can be accomplished between existing websites however formed according to your specifications. The interface is worked to convey between the partners sites agency can customize the manner by which that is received, for example, inn subtleties, details, accessibility, etc is appeared.

A direct perspective on how searches and bookings get executed over the inventory network. APIs guarantee that all parties have the correct data, and translating XML can convey important business insights.

Our XML API enables travel agencies and travel suppliers’ access to vast global travel content via the XML interface for integration into their reservation system or website.

FlightsLogic XML Hotel Booking Engine is designed to automate processes and reduce the time and effort required to research and complete a hotel booking.

It includes links to media records and rich content to help with choosing the correct hotel property during the shopping procedure. The application even uses creative responsive technology that naturally modifies the screen show format dependent on the kind of device being used to get to the booking engine.

This Online B2B, B2C and B2B2C application hosted by FlightsLogic provide a seamless online experience by customizing the headers, footers and style sheets based on a client’s specific branding.


A Professional Travel Software With Multiple Booking Engines & Website Platform


FlightsLogic can change the design to meet a customer's particular requirements. The Booking Engine is hosted by FlightsLogic; however, you can customize the headers, footers as well as the look and feel to provide a seamless online experience for customers visiting your website.

The administration section has several powerful features that give you the control to manage your business.


Features and Benefits


  • FlightsLogic Hotel XML Hotel Booking Engine gives you fast, seamless and accurate access to search and book more than 50000 hotels and properties, along with detailed content via our integrated mapping system.
  • FlightsLogic XML/API technology is exceptional, offering the very best speed, performance and hotel choice for agents.
  • Access to the best Net rates and availability without the FlightsLogic brand.
  • Instant confirmation without any delay, cause we display only the available hotels. The booking is confirmed instantly.
  • Issue the vouchers and collect payments from your customers directly. You can add your own mark-ups and be in complete control of the sales cycle.
  • Hold bookings until the last possible cancellation date without any credit usage or penalty charge.
  • Search by single and multiple hotel codes, geocode location and destination without limitation.
  • Removes the issue of multiple integrations, giving access to various hotel providers and neighbourhood DMCs.


On the market, the web based booking system gives a strong sales platform by helping to create sales around the clock.

With different hotel APIs associated with the booking system, the platform brings the most minimal rates of hotels contracted by these providers, hence profiting end-clients to get superb deals.


FlightsLogic Flight API/ Web-services


FlightsLogic online services is an advanced blend of existing GDS technologies and is based on open models utilizing Web Services Extensible Markup Language (XML), Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), Web Service Description Language (WSDL) and the Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI) that is compliant with Open Travel Alliance (OTA) standard XML schemes.

To our clients, the FlightsLogic Flight API solution is a partner in airfare & pricing technology. It supports them increase profitability, reduce exchange costs, streamline procurement processes and in the long run improves client service.

Integration of FlightsLogic, powers travel application platforms ton source most competitive airfares across the world with airfare content of global airlines.


The Use of API in Hotel Booking


In general, the equivalent word to this developing network is API. The application programming interface allows for connecting data streams and functionalities between different software products.

APIs act as control panels for designers to interface diverse software parts without managing source code. What does this' meaning for the travel business?

If you maintain a hotel business, you can let your clients lease a car directly from your site by coordinating your room reservation engine with accessible local car rental suppliers.

This may put a car rental commission in your pocket or simply make your client's life simpler by taking out time perusing the web to rent a car.

The primary information source and reservation purpose of contact for online travel organizations are global distribution systems (GDSs).

The GDS gathers and consolidates travel information from a wide range of service providers and permits operators to reserve airplane seats, rent cars, book hotels, and so on.

Along these lines, travel agencies don't need to directly associate with several carriers, hotels, and other end suppliers. They additionally give APIs to coordinate reservation support into OTA booking engines to let travelers book online.


Simple, Clean And Powerful, FlightsLogic XML Booking Engine Quickly Converts Website Visitors Into Guests.

In the Travel market, FlightsLogic XML Hotel Booking Engine gives a robust deals platform by helping to produce sales around the clock.

With different hotel APIs related with the booking engine, the platform brings the most reduced rates of hotels contracted managed by these suppliers, right now end-customers to get great solutions.

It is very quick and capable to search, book and drops rooms online with Hotel APIs related with a hotel booking system. Through our powerful and convenient platform, end clients have the advantage of finding the best rates for hotels around the world.

There are various hotel consolidators around the globe, by using the information from these providers, hotel booking system can give data, for example, hotel details, room accessibility, room costs, pictures, map area, facilities, and other important features. Purchasers can search and channel-dependent on star rating, cost and hotel name.

Likewise, the booking system supports multiple currencies and has the facility to pay online through credit or debit cards as well as by means of PayPal.


FlightsLogic XML Hotel Booking Engine- Features


  • A diversity of offers would be online 24/7
  • Start selling online right away
  • Multiple Suppliers APIs
  • B2B and B2C travel solution
  • Highly Customizable
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Free dedicated customer support


Revolutionizing Online travel

  • Multiple Sales Channels - B2C, B2B, B2B2C, B2B2B, Call Center, Front Desk
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Online Booking Engine - Flight,Hotel,Holiday Package,Car,Sightseeing and Transfers
  • GDS, XML & Travel API Integration
  • Complete booking management system
  • Comprehensive reporting module
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  • Multi languages and currencies in the booking engine
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