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Flightslogic is an international travel technology and travel software company and we serve travel companies from 100+ countries across four continents. Flightslogic platform is powered by 200+ suppliers across flight, hotels, car, sightseeing, vacations and other ground services.

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We partner with our clients to provide strong distribution capabilities - B2B/B2C / B2B2C travel technology, automate travel business process, powerful back office system, flexible content management system and feature a unique standardization element.

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Flightslogic develop and enable access to extensive range of travel suppliers which includes all GDS, LCCs, 600,000+ Hotels, 200,000 Activities, 50000+ Car rental locations, Crusies, Eurail, Bus, Insurance and tours and travel experiences worldwide.

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One of the leading online booking engine providers EXCLUSIVELY for travel agencies. Our aim is to provide you with a fast and easy online access to the products your clients are asking for, wherever and whenever that may be.

Hotelbeds Transfer XML API Integration - Most Innovative Hotel & Travel Service Wholesaler

FlightsLogic is a prominent travel technology company that provides Hotelbeds Transfer XML API Integration. Enabling smooth commutes with over 24,000 private and shared transfer options.


What is HotelBeds API, and why is it important for travel businesses?


HotelBeds, founded in 2001 in Spain, is one of the world's largest hotel aggregators.
The HotelBeds API, or Application Programming Interface, is a travel technology solution provided by HotelBeds, a global leader in providing travel services to the travel industry. 

It is a set of tools and protocols that enables travel businesses, such as travel agencies, online booking platforms, and tour operators, to access and integrate HotelBeds' extensive database of hotel and accommodation information, such as descriptions, images, pricing, availability, and more, into their own systems and websites.

Hotelbeds Group empowers travel service providers to sell their products to travel merchants globally using an easy-to-use, contemporary technology platform that boosts reach, income, and yield for both the supplier and the merchant. This Hotelbeds Transfer API provides operations for customers to confirm bookings and obtain accurate data so that they may enjoy the easy transfer service they book. 

They are the leading BedBank and B2B Provider, connecting the world's travel trade travel and building strong relationships with travel professionals to give them a vast product range of travel products and services such as 180 000 hotels, 24,000 transfer routes, 18,000 tickets and activities, and connections with 400+ car rental companies globally. They also transfer business excursions, hotel settlements, exchanges, vehicle contracts, and cross the organization. 

Hotelbeds API XML Integration is highly customizable, enabling you to choose which data should be shown, making it simple to collect information from several vendors and deliver travel content and data according to your way.

There are several advantages of integrating Hotelbeds Transfer API into the travel portal/booking engine of travel agents, travel agencies, hotels, and travel management companies

This Hotelbeds Transfer API provides travel experts with a collection of API methods to assist them in developing a dynamic transfer website or mobile application.

The Hotelbeds Transfer API XML Integration handles the transfer booking process, including obtaining information about available transfer options, booking confirmation, retrieving transfer reservations, and canceling bookings. Hotelbeds Transfer API provides availability for transfer services and allows you to distribute through websites and this API also supports mobile devices and tablets.

The API covers the entire transfer booking process. It provides real-time availability through categories like Availability Simple and Availability Multiple. This API can be used to confirm reservations when deciding on a transfer. The post-booking phase is equally simplified, offering options for cancellations, retrieving booking information, and even accessing a comprehensive list of bookings.

Hotelbeds Transfers API extends the suite by allowing the download of transfer-related content and portfolios. It provides a comprehensive view of transfer operations, from routes to pickup points. This API is designed for offline use and includes an exhaustive list of route portfolios, hotels, currency information, etc.

Hotelbeds not only sells hotel inventory, but it also offers transfer to more than 20,000 routes and 15,000 additional activities worldwide. Hotelbeds has recently acquired global brands such as Tourico Holidays and GTA Travel to strengthen its position and inventory in the global travel market. They are currently competing strongly in Expedia. Hotelbeds API XML Integration, the latest B2B platform, boosts the travel industry.


Importance Of Hotelbeds Transfer XML API Integration


Access to a Vast Inventory


HotelBeds provides an extensive and diversified portfolio of hotels and lodgings worldwide. Travel companies may connect to this vast network by linking their API, providing their consumers with a plethora of possibilities.


Streamlined Booking Process


The API simplifies the booking process by allowing customers to book hotels directly through the platform of the travel company. It improves the user experience and boosts conversion rates.


Global Reach


HotelBeds' extensive network includes properties in a variety of countries and regions. This API is invaluable for travel companies looking to offer international travel options.


Reduced Development Time and Costs


Instead of developing their own databases and infrastructure, travel companies can save time and resources by leveraging HotelBeds' existing data and travel technology.


Competitive Advantage


Integrating HotelBeds API can provide a competitive advantage to travel businesses by providing a broader selection of accommodations, better pricing, and real-time availability data.


Additional Services


HotelBeds offers more than just hotel information; they also provide access to additional services such as transfers, tours, and activities. It opens up possibilities for expanding a travel company's offerings. This API makes transfer services available in real time, with the goal of facilitating cross-platform integration.


Core components and functionalities of the Hotelbeds APItude


APItude is Hotelbeds' main API suite, providing a range of functionalities designed to cater to hotel distribution and management needs.

  • Booking API for managing reservation data and the hotel booking process, handling reservations and bookings for various activities, and managing data and processes related to transfer reservations.

  • Content API to provide static and dynamic hotel information, details about various activities, and data on available transfer options.

  • Cache API for displaying pricing and availability snapshots for hotels, activities, and transfers, specifically optimized for high-traffic platforms.


Effective Hotel Bookings with Hotelbeds API XML Integration


In the ever-changing travel industry landscape, the seamless integration of global accommodation providers is critical. To provide a diverse range of options to their customers, OTAs, hotel booking platforms, and other travel businesses require real-time access to extensive hotel inventories. Hotelbeds, a leading accommodation wholesaler, offers this extensive inventory and advanced technology solutions, making it a popular choice for many.

HotelBeds APIs provide access to a vast network of sightseeing activities, transfers, cruises, car rentals, and so on, in addition to accommodations. If you are a travel agency looking for a dependable hotel booking engine, make sure you choose HotelBeds API integration. 

The integration of HotelBeds Transfer XML API is an excellent idea. It is simple and highly adaptable, allowing you to choose which information to display. You can then distribute travel data and content whenever you want. With Hotelbeds API XML Integration, hotels may make hotel reservations for their clients and get access to a global network of 60,000+ b2b buyers, including tour operators, airlines, loyalty programs, and retail travel agencies in 140+ source areas globally.

Every day, HotelBeds processes over 80K bookings for transfers, hotel rooms, and activities. APItude, a light and quick travel distribution API suite, was launched by the brand for simple and hassle-free operations. These open APIs are designed to improve the mobile app developer experience and assist the travel industry with the booking process.

FlightsLogic is a leading Hotelbeds XML / Hotelbeds API integration company and uses Hotelbeds XML as a search engine API to develop B2B and B2C online travel booking engines for global customers. Our skilled team also assists in the integration of transfer services into existing systems or new websites of travel agencies and hotels utilizing the Hotelbeds Transfer API XML Integration service.

We are uniquely capable of integrating HotelBeds API with your existing system due to our extensive experience with it. We use cutting-edge technology to increase your business exposure and improve customer service. Partner with us for simple HotelBeds API integration!

Furthermore, Hotelbeds has an experienced team of over 4500 travel professionals in 60 offices around the globe. It aspires to be one of the best B2B travel partners in the travel industry. Since its inception, the platform has served travel agents, tour operators, online travel agents, airlines, employees, and many more.


Key Features of HotelBeds API


Mobile interface: The HotelBeds APIs have a simple user interface. Furthermore, these are designed to be mobile-friendly. Because the majority of individuals make hotel reservations using their cell phones.

Instant confirmation: Customers, whether they are end users or travel agents, often feel uneasy until they receive a booking confirmation. With the HotelBeds API, you won't have to wait too long. You will receive a quick confirmation message.

Push Notifications:  The HotelBeds API sends push notifications to the user's device to deliver vital information. For example, they can remind the user that there is a booking done in the upcoming week.

Filters: The HotelBeds API includes a plethora of filters. Travel agents can use them at their convenience for smooth operation. That is what distinguishes HotelBeds Portal from the competition. 

Vast network: HotelBeds' extensive list of travel products is simply impressive. With 71K travel distributors, the wholesale distribution brand offers 300,000 hotel options in 200 destination countries.

Discounts: HotelBeds API provides substantial discounts and commissions on a diverse range of travel products. It makes it ideal for travel operators and agencies to resell.

FlightsLogic: Your Trusted Partner for HotelBeds Transfer XML API Integration 

FlightsLogic is the world's leading travel technology company. It integrates seamlessly with Hotelbeds Transfer XML API. You can rely on us to help you grow your business!

We provide Hotelbeds Transfers API integration to improve the services offered by transfer service providers, car rental service providers, and others. With the Hotelbeds API, all you have to do is search for and book transfers from a certified Hotelbeds supplier. 

Thus, setting up a HotelBeds API Integration quickly and effectively is a critical step for online travel businesses looking to expand their offerings and provide a seamless booking experience for their customers. 

Businesses may have access to a vast inventory of lodgings and price data by considering the HotelBeds API, obtaining the necessary credentials, and selecting the suitable integration technique.

FlightsLogic, is a top-rated Hotelbeds Integrated Travel Portals Development service provider, offering high-quality products. We understand the needs of the travel industry and provide dependable travel technology software solutions. We offer excellent HotelBeds Transfer XML API integration solutions. 

You may get a wide range of travel products at reasonable prices. With our dependable and effective travel platform, you may expand your business even further. Collaborate with us to improve brand visibility and reputation. You will gain access to over 300,000 properties worldwide and rich content by integrating with Hotelbeds via FlightsLogic. Increase your offering and improve your customers' experience.

It is important to note that the Hotelbeds hotel API integration may include additional features and functionalities depending on your specific needs and Hotelbeds' capabilities. The API documentation will provide detailed information about the available endpoints, parameters, and data formats to assist you in successfully integrating Hotelbeds' hotel services into your application or system.

  • Choose a transfer based on your needs by searching for airport-hotel or hotel-airport transfers. You can also look for group and VIP transfers for business meetings and transfers from the hotel to the airport.

  • Search the transfers based on their arrival locations, dates, number of tourists, and prices.

  • A large vehicle selection and the freedom to choose the transfer vehicle car, cabs, minibus, luxury cars, and more

  • Book and modify transfers

  • Provide specifications on the flight arrival time on the booking form.

  • Send comments on the order to the service provider.

  • Print out the vouchers or get the invoice in the email.

  • Hotelbeds API integration on transfer service consists of penalty charges. Positively check the details.


How Is Hotelbeds Hotel API A Perfect Technology For Creating B2B or B2C Websites?


  • HotelBeds is a leading provider of bedbank services and a global wholesale distribution brand. They offer excellent business-to-business products to the global travel industry. Over the years, the brand has gained massive recognition. 

  • HotelBeds has risen to the top of the industry by acquiring more and more businesses and combining them under the same commercial name. HotelBeds is a well-known and trusted brand in the global travel sector, offering both B2B and B2C products. 

  • HotelBeds connects travel suppliers and buyers. They negotiate contracts with travel suppliers, such as lodging providers, and then distribute these offerings to sellers (travel agencies and businesses). The user-friendly website contains a variety of complex filtering options that make it simple to use for both sellers and providers. It is a terrific opportunity to increase revenue and expand reach.

  • HotelBeds has an exceptional track record. They are trustworthy in the market due to their service reliability and on-time payments. Furthermore, it provides a vast network of suppliers with significant benefits.

  • FlightsLogic is an industry leader in travel technology services. We understand the importance of offering high-quality services, so we effortlessly integrate HotelBeds API into our solutions.

Hotelbeds is the largest BedBank in the hospitality industry, offering a comprehensive list of accommodations and other travel options worldwide. Get connected to Hotelbeds hotel booking, excursions, and transfers system via XML API.

In case you want to develop your travel portal and integrate it with HotelBeds Transfer XML API, FlightsLogic can help you. Contact us now!

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