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Flightslogic is an international travel technology and travel software company and we serve travel companies from 100+ countries across four continents. Flightslogic platform is powered by 200+ suppliers across flight, hotels, car, sightseeing, vacations and other ground services.

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We partner with our clients to provide strong distribution capabilities - B2B/B2C / B2B2C travel technology, automate travel business process, powerful back office system, flexible content management system and feature a unique standardization element.

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Flightslogic develop and enable access to extensive range of travel suppliers which includes all GDS, LCCs, 600,000+ Hotels, 200,000 Activities, 50000+ Car rental locations, Crusies, Eurail, Bus, Insurance and tours and travel experiences worldwide.

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One of the leading online booking engine providers EXCLUSIVELY for travel agencies. Our aim is to provide you with a fast and easy online access to the products your clients are asking for, wherever and whenever that may be.

Travel Portal Development: GDS/ XML/API Integration

We enable travel portal businesses to streamline services such as flight bookings, hotel bookings, holiday packages, and many more, along with integration with the GDS / XML API.


Travel Booking Website


Want to Develop Travel Portal with GDS Integration?


While developing a travel portal for your business, GDS/API integration with your travel portal is necessary for your online travel agency to access a wide range of flights, hotels, tour packages, etc.

Integration of the GDS/API will make it easier for users to access huge inventories on one platform instead of making various bookings on different platforms. In order to engage and retain clients, it is, therefore, necessary to integrate GDS/API with your travel portal.

To achieve a competitive advantage in the industry, online travel agencies, travel consolidators, and experts are implementing travel technology solutions. They also retain existing customers and also draw new customers.

As a result, travel companies have come up with an innovative solution for their businesses to expand. This is through the integration of GDS / API into travel portal applications. This is an incredibly versatile and automated way to control your online travel agency (OTA).


Travel Booking Website


If your travel portal has the right GDS/API integrated within it, you will be able to attract more customers and retain them as well. 

FlightsLogic is the world's leading GDS Integration service provider and has helped thousands of travel portals. The travel website's most trusted and effective software solution is our GDS API Integration.

It also distributes the services to the destination point in order to benefit travelers as well as travel service providers in the best and most cost-effective way.

The travel agencies have thus turned from a local travel agency to an online travel portal to provide easy and beneficial travel solutions. This unexpected change in the market has significantly reformed how individuals used to schedule their tours.

If you want to enter the online travel agency (OTA) market, you need a clear idea of the GDS (Global Distribution System) system.

Hence, FlightsLogic is a leading travel portal development company has gives detail information about

  • Importance of GDS/API integration in Travel Business

  • How Much Does it Cost To integrate GDS/API in Travel Portal Software Development


Why GDS API Integration is important for the travel and tourism business?


GDS/API integration into the travel portal is a must for your online travel and tourism company to gain access to the travel inventory such as hotels, flights, rental cars, packages, etc.

It makes it easier for customers to complete their search and bookings on your travel portal rather than having to make bookings on various platforms.

If your travel platform has the right GDS/API integrated into it, you will be able to attract and keep more customers.

FlightsLogic is a leading GDS API integration company. It is a specialist integration partner for global distribution systems. We have seamless integration with all GDSs (Global Distribution Systems) via the XML API.

GDS API integration is a key booking method for OTAs - online travel agents. GDS is a network that is computerized and is a one-stop to have the facilities from airline seats to hotel rooms.

A GDS gathers and consolidates travel information from a range of service providers and allows agents to book airline seats, hotel rooms, and rental cars and buses. You can also book a cruise line and ferries.

We are an expert travel software development company that specializes in API/XML integration with GDS like Amadeus, Travelport, and Sabre to enable your users a broad range of travel outputs with 24/7 presence, details, tariffs, laws, and policies.

We are an ideal travel technology provider for the travel industry, who wants to build or improve or upgrade a custom booking application for their website.


Types of GDS API Integration:


Travel API Integration


There are various kinds of GDS APIs. The three most common ones are Amadeus API integration, Galileo API integration, and Sabre API integration. Each of these three types has its own characteristics, specification, and pricing. 

You should learn about each of these GDSs to decide which one is better suited to your company. You can also compare the rates for the cost-effective integration of the GDS API. 
Integration with GDS like Amadeus, Travelport, and Sabre will give your users a broad range of travel outputs with 24/7 presence, details, tariffs, laws, and policies.


Amadeus GDS Integration Services:


When integrated with your online travel booking application, Amadeus connects you to the global travel market and offers a great opportunity for your travel business to expand. 

Here is why Amadeus GDS integration is important to your travel business:

  • Easy integration and maintenance

  • Instant access to the richest, most relevant travel content

  • Ability to discover new revenue sources, to cross-sell and align with other vendors

  • Appropriate and personalized travel management solutions to save costs and generate more revenue

  • Optimized business processes, procedures, and reporting, business intelligence & reporting and payment


Galileo GDS Integration Services: 


Galileo GDS provides access to the database of multiple travel operators through web services APIs and desktop connectivity. The best approach ever to collect data from low-cost air carriers worldwide, high-speed rail providers, and multi-source content through a single API.

  • Maximum buyer outreach

  • Increase in the revenue and efficiency

  • Increased productivity

  • Lowering operating cost

  • Maximized point of sale

  • Real-time access to inventory and contents


Sabre GDS Integration Services: 


Sabre GDS API XML integration is an effective and budget-friendly distribution platform helping airlines, car hire companies, hotels to expand their customer base for a holiday, and business travelers.

Sabre Travel Network is an ideal solution for the travel industry. The Sabre system is being incorporated by major airlines, hoteliers, travel agencies, car hire companies, and cruise operators. Its exceptional features include flight schedules, pricing policy, product availability, booking, and ticketing status. 


Key advantages:


  • Broad air/vehicle/hotel/user name record/incidental administration series to get to Sabre content

  • Provides a single purpose for access to the Sabre platform

  • XML, SOAP, and travel industry standards

  • Extracts you from the imperatives of existing frameworks and innovation

  • Helps you to coordinate any web-based features in your modified applications

  • Utilizing event notification services limits automated mid-office polling and can minimize control volumes


What are the Ways for GDS/API integration in Travel Portal Development Software?


Travel API Integration


Association with Suppliers


You need to allow your online travel agency to access the inventory of suppliers, such as the inventory of airline service providers, hotels, and other rental services. You can also have access to their holiday deals to open those choices to your customers.

If you are interested in accessing the inventory of multiple travel service providers, you need to integrate your travel portal with multiple GDSs.


Association with Aggregators


Travel aggregators provide online travel companies with access to consolidated data on various channels from a number of GDS suppliers. This way, you will get highly competitive rates for your online travel agency.


Use of SaaS Platform


If you want to promote your travel agency in a short time, it would be wise for you to choose only Software as a Service or SaaS cloud-based travel platform.

These travel solutions are ideal for travel agencies that do not want to spend a huge amount on developing travel portals or want to market their travel products and services as soon as possible. You can operate this platform both in B2B and B2C models.


Travel Consultants 


Several travel consultants, such as travel portal development companies, also offer technical guidance and guidelines on various API/GDS integration service providers.

How Can We Determine The Cost To Make A Travel Website/Application?

To utilize the great benefits of technology, you need to integrate your portal with the Global Distribution System (GDS API) integration. Often people think that it would be an additional expense. But this isn't the truth all the time. You will get a cost-effective GDS integration travel portal if you know how to integrate the travel portal app.

Before starting the development of a travel platform, you should be clear about the costs that you need to spend on establishing a platform. You will need a travel booking engine on your website for an online travel agency. Whenever someone visits the portal, this engine is connected to the GDS API to display real-time data on the front end.

To understand the overall cost of developing travel portal software with GDS / API integration services, you will need to know how you can combine your travel portal software and GDS / API integration costs.

The cost of developing the GDS API travel portal depends on how integration is done. If you want to be affiliated with all travel-related service providers and follow SaaS platforms, your cost would be a little more.

The cost of developing the GDS / API travel portal is subject to two factors, namely the choice of the booking engine and the Business model.


The following are some of the factors that must be brought into consideration:


Booking Engines


Any travel portal depends on different types of flight booking engines, hotel booking engines, car rental engines, and other systems, such as bus bookings, cruises, and package bookings, etc. The costs of GDS / API integration would depend on the type of platform you select for your online travel agency.

The cost of GDS/API integrations is dependent on the type of platform you select. For e.g., depending on your chosen niche, you choose to start a flight booking system or a hotel booking system. The APIs that provide inventory for each of them can be different and so the cost would vary.


Business Model


The other aspect that affects the cost of GDS/API integration is the business model you select. The additional cost depends on whether your OTA is a B2B travel portal or a B2C travel portal.

B2B or Business to Business model is a travel agent module that connects customers and partners to online travel agencies and product details. While this model encourages market development and stability, the cost of the platform rises by 30%.

B2C or Business to Consumer model includes methods and techniques for marketing the products and services directly to consumers. In addition to the above platform costs, the cost of the B2C business model increased by 15%.


Why Choose FlightsLogic as Your Travel Tech Partner?


We are serving as a global travel technology company for years, and we are a renowned and trusted brand in the travel and tourism industry. Our GDS API integration provides efficient solutions for airlines, travelers, corporations, hotels, cars, cruise, and tour operators.

Our GDS API integration helps bridge the gap between buyers and sellers through a secure software system. GDS travel software allows you to make your business the first option for potential travel customers and other travel partners and travel and tourism associates.

We've come up with GDS Integration Solution for online travel agencies to help them find the right technology solutions for their travel portals.

We are one of the trusted names in the travel industry that makes it perfect for travel agents to provide them with the most innovative and efficient services.

As one of the leading travel portal development firms, we have supported a large number of travel agencies to this. We manage the Sabre API integration system, which is an excellent and most effective software solution for online travel portals.

FlightsLogic offers the option to select GDS integration services for your travel portal if your business requirements differ from the travel software API and we would like to help you be a Travel App Development partner.

At FlightsLogic, we have in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of Travel Portal Development Services, and we can help you turn your potential business idea into reality and create a customized website/mobile app at an affordable rate.

Let us provide you with the most powerful GDS API integration solution with a pocket-friendly budget. We have a pool of experts that can serve you best and help you achieve your business goals. We support travel agencies to develop and offer the best offers on the market.

If you are looking to build a custom online travel platform for a key software development partner, contact us to know the cost and leverage our experience to bring your potential business concept into practice.

To get an instant quote for a custom online travel portal, feel free to get in touch with us.

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