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Flightslogic is an international travel technology and travel software company and we serve travel companies from 100+ countries across four continents. Flightslogic platform is powered by 200+ suppliers across flight, hotels, car, sightseeing, vacations and other ground services.

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We partner with our clients to provide strong distribution capabilities - B2B/B2C / B2B2C travel technology, automate travel business process, powerful back office system, flexible content management system and feature a unique standardization element.

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Flightslogic develop and enable access to extensive range of travel suppliers which includes all GDS, LCCs, 600,000+ Hotels, 200,000 Activities, 50000+ Car rental locations, Crusies, Eurail, Bus, Insurance and tours and travel experiences worldwide.

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One of the leading online booking engine providers EXCLUSIVELY for travel agencies. Our aim is to provide you with a fast and easy online access to the products your clients are asking for, wherever and whenever that may be.

Airline Ticketing System Software - The Most Flexible Ticketing System You'll Ever Find

Get cost-effective online Airline Ticketing System Software connected with GDS systems like Amadeus, Galileo and Sabre.


Get Airline Ticketing System Software At Your Fingertips !!


The word globalization is generally utilized, and there are a few definitions that may fit this single word. In any case, the truth remains that globalization has affected and is affecting every person on this planet.

It is characterized to be greater development of individuals, products, capital, and thoughts because of expanded monetary reconciliation, which in turn is propelled, by expanded exchange and speculation.

It resembles moving towards living in a borderless world. With the truth of globalization, the travel business has profited fundamentally.

One might say that globalization is profiting by the flight business. Regardless of the way one looks, more individuals are traveling each day and are exploring a couple of places that were far off places on a guide. Similarly, technology has been developing at an undeniably quick pace and is being used by a few people everywhere throughout the world.

With the blend of globalization and the expansion in technology and the recurrence in travel, there is a need to give a clever application that is able to address the issues of travelers that use cell phones everywhere.


Get the Right Airline Ticketing Solution for Your Business.


It is a solution that fits in flawlessly to a client's bustling way of life, offers usability and enough knowledge that makes a client's experience beneficial. Having perceived this need, the Agent-based Mobile Airline Search and Booking System is been built up that is worked to chip away at the Android to perform Airline Search and booking utilizing Biometric.

The world has seen the most technological blast over the most recent fifty years, with the advancements in each field made conceivable now for making human life simpler and progressively agreeable.

The aircrafts industry has advanced into one of the most refined and fascinating industries of today. The aircrafts industry has made the fantasy about flying off the people into a reality in under a century. Today, millions of people fly each day. This has fortified the economies of places as well as associated individuals and societies.

The technology advancement has prompted enormous progression in Air Ticket Booking system throughout the years. Over the years with the advent of the internet, Airline Ticketing System Software for airline travel has been increasingly popular. The fundamental focal point of airline organizations today has been in the satisfaction of clients.

The organizations are doing this by making journeys conceivable in a completely portable and social environment with the intelligent utilization of vast amounts of information to convey genuine service and operational improvements.

The customized utilization of cell phones and web by clients is relied upon to increase radically, with the estimation of 90% of airline organizations offering a mobile check-in by registration by 2015.


FlightsLogic Airline Ticketing System Software 


Travel organizations and individual agents are going for top travel technology instruments and mobile applications to draw in and serve worldwide clients.

They, never again pursue the traditional procedure for booking airline tickets and arrangements offline. With the progression of top travel technology and mobility arrangements, organizations are utilizing air ticketing software, wherein end clients and sub-offices can search and reserve flight deals on the web.

That's why, most of the travel start-ups, Non-IATA and IATA agencies are going for the OTA model. The online ticketing system has transformed the traditional system of booking a ticket through travel agents. The system has been valuable for travel management organizations and clients.

The automated system has made the job easier for travel agents and at the same time providing a lot of options for the users.

FlightsLogic develops a fully comprehensive online airline ticketing system software to manage and streamline airline ticket sales. The solution is configured with an integrated backend ERP system and can be used by multiple users at the same time. 

FlightsLogic Airline Ticketing System Software is a part of the biggest travel industry system or Online Booking Engine., you can choose from a variety of supplier options either be GDS or Non-GDS integration.

Our airline ticketing system software is responsive and it is supported on the all-new browsers, tablets, and mobile. This airline ticketing system software can also be used to create manual segments in the mid-office system.

This robust air ticketing system software can handle all sought of booking and it can handle multiple transactions with auto ticket option. FlightsLogic airline booking software has the option to link multiple PCC for the same GDS operation in various countries.

This will give companies the best flight search engine to serve market demand. This airline ticketing system has the option to sync PNR and Import PNR from Global Distribution System (GDS) like Amadeus, Sabre, and Travelport.

FlightsLogic provides Airline Ticketing System software used for airline merchandising, bookings, and distribution. Airline Ticketing System software is needed to manage air ticket booking, scheduling flights, delivery of necessary information to the end-user.

To be aggressive in the market as far as turnover, goodwill and benefit age it is fundamental for the airline organizations to have a compelling and best reservation system. The Airlines Management System has profited both the airline business and the client too.

For the aircraft business, it has preferences, for example, the exactness of the information, settling complaints of the customer, getting the confidence of customers, building goodwill in the market and an increase in the surplus, etc.

For the customer, it has favorable circumstances, for example, basic and convenient access of information, the security of their money, a sparing of time, value assessment, flight ticket programming, ease in holding and getting offers from a couple of airline associations.

We are a dominant travel technology organization offering travel technology items to organizations occupied with the travel division.

Our items help travel organizations in delivering simple services to their guests. Through API/XML integration of GDS such as Amadeus, travel website we help in upgrading end-user experience by providing them updated information as per their need.

We give business procedures to fill your planes, rationale for your bleeding edges, and innovation to take your carrier to the following level. We deliver travel technology products for Flights, Flight booking Engines, relocation, excursion, and customized packages, etc.

We have deployed our work toward enhancing the efficiency of the B2B travel booking system, B2C and B2B2B corporate universally.

We use cloud-based and completely incorporated arrangements that offer help to all carrier plans of action. FlightsLogic is built entirely on new technologies to provide a flexible system and business model for highly efficient operations.

Our advanced system provides an excellent platform for streamlining operations, controlling costs, and achieving optimal performances.

The introduction of GDS in the Airline Industry has transformed the Airline ticketing system software. Global Distribution System (GDS) is a system worked by an organization that empowers the automated transfer between travel service providers and travel offices.

Online airline ticketing system software backed by GDS including Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, and Travelport. Our Airline Ticketing System Software is directly connected to the GDS and number of LCCs in which the data is fetched and the result is displayed.

Our Airline Ticketing System Software consolidates worldwide appropriation with the capacity to bundle ticket deals with assistant items.

Our Online Airline Ticketing System Software is to provide an option for customers to book the tickets online and to check the confirmation online.

This system will help the company to sell flight tickets online. Our aim is to provide the most appropriate Airline Ticketing System Software to worldwide airline and travel industry. It allows people to book tickets at any time, any place.

Airline Ticketing System software is one of the basic parts of any flight reservation engine. The goal of an airline company is to increase its turnover along with maintaining a name in the airline industry.

The ticket booking software development assumes an important job in accomplishing the objective of the organization. It offers an airline ticketing software system which procedures on converging with worldwide GDS systems, for example, Amadeus, Sabre, and Galileo flight reservation system.

The merger of the GDS flight booking system with flight helps in gathering information from different suppliers which work as one of the best flight search tools. Most of the travel organizations are searching for a web-based airline management system nowadays because of its constant information accessibility.

And we use an Oracle relational database that enables it to provide an excellent platform for achieving a richer querying and reporting environment than most traditional systems.

FlightsLogic helps small-medium size airlines to run their operations with big airline tools without breaking their budget, using different pricing of RBD classes and fare bucket management method.

We give a complete, adaptable, and enterprise system that caters into accounts the requirements of minimal cost, hybrid, and conventional airlines.

FlightsLogic will design, develop, host and deliver automation systems to the airline and travel industries including the latest airline ticketing systems which provide modern, flexible reservations and inventory management solutions for airlines which including call centers, travel agencies, and internet ticket sales and real-time bookings.

Our standard solution furnishes an integrated Departure Control System with an exceptionally simple to utilize interface for fast traveler check-in and real-time access to reservations.

Inventory, schedule, fares and agent control modules provide a complete solution for airlines to manage their bookings and ticket reservations.

Recent, powerful, and measurable reservations architecture provides a stable and suitable platform to airlines of all sizes and with industry-standard interfaces to all outside reservation systems. They include GDSs, other airline computer reservation systems, SSIM schedules, and ATPCO (Airline Tariff Publishing Company) prices.

Our airline ticketing system software is an online booking arrangement that aide in merging information from every one of the airlines using worldwide distribution system. Our system provides inventory and rates in real-time to customers as well as travel agents.

Our airline ticketing system software is a customer-facing reservation system that airline customers use to book flights. Airlines leverage our applications to handle all of their booking-related tasks and streamline the reservations process.

Our air ticket booking systems take into account multiple factors when managing the flight-booking process, including available inventory (seats available), airline schedules, and tax rates.

All of these are factored in when calculating flight prices at the time of purchase. Our airline employees use airline reservations software to manage the entire reservations process, which can be complicated, and airline customers use the application to book tickets.

Aircraft reservations software systems commonly come as a feature of a bigger arrangement of aeronautics programming. At the very minimum, these systems interface with global distribution systems (GDS) and individual airline distribution systems.

We work with many top travel aggregators, global distribution systems, channel managers and DMCs. We can ensure the quality deliverables and rapid turnaround to build and deliver scalable travel portals and booking engines, with clear attention to technology‚ agile methodology and transformation.


Influence of E-commerce in Airline Ticketing System Software Industry


E-commerce (electronic trade or EC) is the purchasing and selling of products and enterprises on the Internet. In practice, this term and e-business are frequently utilized conversely. For online retail selling, the term e-tailing is now and again utilized.

Airlines have been intensely put resources into technology for quite a long time. The introduction of the computerized reservations system in 1962 allowed the airlines to have real-time data on the number of seats available on any given flight.

American Airline's Sabre was first, with full execution by 1964; competitors discharged their systems throughout the following couple of years.

The organization likewise had the option to all the more likely track income, on the grounds that the computerized system also stores fare data. Starting 1990s Airlines quickly started to employ online sales channels.

They previously had the foundation of centralized computers and the knowledge of information accumulation, so the progress to online was a natural one.

No longer would flight information and pricing be available only in a travel agent’s office or via the airline’s ticket counter or phone line.

Growth in online sales has been substantial in many airlines. For example, American Delta Air Lines began online ticket sales in 1996, achieving less than one percent of sales; online sales had reached more than eight percent of all tickets sold by 2001.

During the 1960s, when air travel previously ended up affordable for the individual, travel agents gave fundamental help. A travel agent would locate a suitable flight in the printed timetables distributed by individual airlines and phone the airline booking operator to reserve a spot.

At a later time, the airline booking agent would return the call to confirm the reservation, or to suggest an alternative flight if no seats were available. The airline paid the operator a level commission expense for the booking. The aircraft business was managed, so most courses were served by a single airline.

Travel agents basically served the individual travel advertise, while corporate travel was reserved directly with an airline, to accomplish corporate limits (Clemons and Hann, 1999).

The job of the travel agent was to advise customers on travel destinations and to act as a delegate in the complicated procedure of arranging travel bookings. The discussion below presents a contextual investigation of how the utilization of new technologies has influenced the air travel industry, dissecting two waves of information technology that have majorly affected the business.

The first of these is the development of direct reservation systems, for example, the American Airlines Sabre system. The second is the improvement of online deals channels through the Internet.


Review on Airline ticketing System Software


The historical backdrop of the Computer Reservation Systems (CRS) in the Airline industry goes back to the 1970s when aircrafts started adjusting and upgrading their internal reservation systems to make the sale of airline tickets through travel agents increasingly productive.

The CRS gave travel agents access to data about flight timetables, fares, and seat availability. It additionally empowered them to reserve a spot and issue of tickets automatically.

In spite of the fact that the computer reservation systems are claimed and worked by specific airlines, the travel agent can utilize systems to take extreme consideration in verifying the financial related subtleties for booking, still, there are a couple of variations in the system that lead tom misrepresentation and fraud.

With all this in mind, one has to be careful of how the booking is done as there are several sites that exist that basically mimic real sites so the idea of booking flights online by entering all your data in perspective on the security challenges that as of now exist is not ideally safe.

So in view of all these, we here have created an Intelligent Agent-based Flight Search and booking system which searches the Airline dependent on client criteria and makes an intelligent decision rather than leaving for the user to make a decision.

Likewise reserving flight been completed utilizing Biometrics to avoid credit card misrepresentation. In any case, before going into those details, we will audit in a word about Intelligent Agent technologies pursued by AI in-flight Reservation system and biometrics.


The working mechanism of the airline ticketing system


The clients can easily purchase an e-ticket by setting off to the ticket deal site, looking and choosing the goal, entering the subtleties, for example, name, and the method for travel, baggage data and dates lastly making the payment by means of bank cards, bank transfer or through online payment organizations.

The e-ticket is then e-mailed or messaged on the phone of the client. While already travel agents and airlines helped clients in making ticket buys, today with the improved web systems, it is getting simpler and simpler to book the flights without anyone else.

After the customer makes the purchase, the electronic record and the details of the ticket are saved into the airline’s database. The database is coordinated with the traveler service system, which is then associated with air terminals, aircraft, and travel offices for sharing real-time data.


Advantages of Airline Ticketing System Software




Having the option to book airfare online methods you can do it whenever of the day, any place you are. You can book a flight at home, while you're in the workplace and even when you're on route someplace, by means of a computer or a cell phone.

By obtaining a flight on the web, you don't need to stress for finding a parking space at the travel agent, hanging tight for services or feeling forced to book a flight on the spot without thoroughly considering it first.




When you book a flight on the web, you have the opportunity to search at the best cost. Travelers don't get this sort of opportunity when booking flights through a single travel agent or calling an aircraft. Obtaining the ticket online means clients can look at numerous aircrafts before settling on their decision.


Early Check-Ins


Book a flight on the web, and you'll have the option to spare a great deal of time by checking in on the web. In case you're flying domestic, you can check in as far ahead of time as 24 hours and as late as one hour before the flight. International travelers can check in the middle of two and 24 hours before their flight.

Essentially go to the aircraft's site and discover your booking, enter all your data and print out the ticket at home. Major Aircraft offers a versatile registration option where travelers can have the boarding pass bar codes sent directly to their cellphones.


Changes and Cancelations


Changing or dropping a ticket is easy when you've booked airfare on the web. As a rule, you should simply go directly to the airline's site and sign in with your booking data. From that point, you can just change the flight to a later date, move up to an alternate cabin class or drop your booking.

Another advantage is that tickets obtained at a customary travel organization may bring about an extra "external fee," while a few carriers wipe off the additional fee in the event that you can conclude changes online through the aircraft's site.



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