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Flightslogic is an international travel technology and travel software company and we serve travel companies from 100+ countries across four continents. Flightslogic platform is powered by 200+ suppliers across flight, hotels, car, sightseeing, vacations and other ground services.

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We partner with our clients to provide strong distribution capabilities - B2B/B2C / B2B2C travel technology, automate travel business process, powerful back office system, flexible content management system and feature a unique standardization element.

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Flightslogic develop and enable access to extensive range of travel suppliers which includes all GDS, LCCs, 600,000+ Hotels, 200,000 Activities, 50000+ Car rental locations, Crusies, Eurail, Bus, Insurance and tours and travel experiences worldwide.

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One of the leading online booking engine providers EXCLUSIVELY for travel agencies. Our aim is to provide you with a fast and easy online access to the products your clients are asking for, wherever and whenever that may be.

B2B Online Booking System - Increase Your Direct Bookings With Our Leading B2B Online Booking System

FlightsLogic B2B & B2C Online Booking Software is all-in-one to simplify the travel business needs. Our products helps to streamline the travel business processes, optimize revenue streams and enhance the customer service experience.

What Is B2B Online Booking System ?

FlightsLogic is a company providing Best B2B Online Booking System destination management services. We offer a completely new online booking engine powering flight reservations all over the world.
Our major B2B Booking Engines like flight built with all required tools that allow you to upload your contracted products, integrate third-party suppliers, adjust pricing and mark-up at runtime, generate agent wise reports, map banners, incorporate business rules, and take an insight into business sales.
From an active B2B Booking Portal, your approved agents can log on to your B2B portal, search and book products, add a mark-up and pay for booking online. From the Admin booking panel, they can view, email, or download booking confirmations or cancel the booking of their customer from any device at any time.
Our online platform for travel agents to create bookings using the online booking system and manage their bookings directly without any dependency.
Provides travel agents to book through the online b2b sales channel. The system keeps track of commissions, and agency account relationships.
We assist the B2B Travel Portal is an online booking engine with flights. Our B2B Online Booking System can integrate into different APIs for flights for real-time inventory.
Sabre, it can provide you a better turn around the ratio of customers. Our B2B Online Booking System consists of GDS/third party API integration for the B2C Flight Booking Portal. We offer all kinds of travel portal solutions for B2B travel agencies all over the globe.
The portal facilitates travel agents, tour operators, web portals consolidators sell, manage and help with their B2B customers and B2B partners and suppliers. It is a 100% web-based system.
FlightsLogic is a robust, secure and feature-rich B2B Website for your travel business. Built on advanced technological support, we are constantly innovating to keep it updated and secure. We have more than a decade of experience in the travel domain, and we are abreast with the latest market trends — this is changed to the software we develop.
We work closely with our customers to develop modules that simply work. Our B2B Online Booking System has all the essential modules included, you can adjust pricing and mark-up designs dynamically, display flight availability in real-time, manage credit limits, and manage cancellation policies and fees.
We Enhance Your B2B Travel Business To Heights
We are partners with over 100+ leading suppliers for you to pick, and choose for turnkey integration in your system. You will save costs and increased competition with the high return on investment our system offers.
We established itself to become a market division in the travel industry when it comes to providing solutions for creating & managing online booking businesses. Today FlightsLogic is one of the fastest growing online ticket booking solutions in SaaS and enterprise space.
Our B2B Online Booking System is aimed exclusively at travel agents and tour operators. Our B2B Aggregator of Flight and can sell their aggregated XML on B2B website, B2C website, White Label website and even can sell their XML to other company with own markups.
Travel Agent Booking System developed by us have featured to like automating accounting and notification generating system. We also develop multiple file integration into the portal. The solution is a business generating b2b and b2c travel portal attached to eye-pleasing and user-friendly designs.
We provide B2C Portal Solution for travel agencies intending to increase profits by easing the travel services directly to customers. We have worked with reputable Destination management companies, travel agencies, tour operators across the world.
Our B2B Travel Agency consists of third-party API integrations for automated bookings for travel agents, tour operators where they can operate booking from several branches and sales channels into one single place. This is why being one of the best B2B Online Booking System Development Company, we ensure an excellent online booking platform for all modern travel agents.
FlightsLogic offers universally perceived B2B Platform perceived as Best in the Market. We interface customers and travel organizations to more ground-based travel solutions over the world. We integrated with all huge consolidators for the significant aircraft and other travel benefits in the business.
Our B2B Online Booking System improves the capability of tour operators, consolidators as well as travel agents to provide their travel products efficiently to other business associates or sub-operators through an online B2B web-based interface.
It produces incredible possibilities for companies going worldwide; in this way, regardless of your sub-operators are inside their territory or extreme, the system works consistently and makes different bookings to make appointments from anyplace, whenever.
We provide a unique online booking platform for all advanced travel agents and tour operator companies, flexible and market-leading back end management software that supports all the operations of a travel business process.
Our system computerizes and improves business procedures of a travel company giving unlimited oversight for dealing with its tasks through an web browser access for creating sub-operators and their logins, altering credit/money points of confinement, initiating or deactivating clients/specialists/providers, observing appointments/corrections/undoing’s, changing imprint ups against suppliers or specialist, checking exceptional installments and evaluating Sales versus Benefit.
Then again, sub-operators get the adaptability of making on the web appointments and undoing’s, reviewing work efficiency of its staff clients, setting up possess mark-ups for the end customer appointments, following deals and view solicitations/installments/extraordinary and significantly more.
FlightsLogic B2B White Label is a completely business-driven solution which makes the B2B Online Booking System offer the requirements of the travelers.
Having this software solution installed on the website can help up the business. A little investment in B2B Online Booking System helps the business grow and, in the meantime, provide all the possible dimensions of growth.
The B2B Booking Platform allows your travel agents to search and book your travel agents’ access into our web-based booking engine, so they can search and book your travel services in the name of their clients.
Your agents will have real-time access to making online bookings through a control board from which they can operate all the booking processes, and also their sub-agents and operators.
Through our system, you will be capable to control the access of hundreds of agents and sub-agents to an extended inventory and adjusted rates by controlling your markups and commissions, thus, gaining the ability to rapidly grow in the online environment all from a solitary agreeable working environment.
Online Travel Reservation System by FlightsLogic is a full customization solution for your travel business requirements. The solution is built on advanced technologies, our team constantly putting efforts to keep it updated and secure, and keep loading with the latest features which help OTAs for better performance and increase in sales.
FlightsLogic team has rich experience in the travel domain and we are always working with the latest market trends to the software we develop. We aim to work closely with our client’s requirements to develop/enhance modules that simply work as per the client’s requirements.
All the essential modules are present in our B2B Online Booking System, you can apply mark-up policies dynamically, display real-time availability in LIVE environment, manage credit limits, and manage role rights for internal staff as well. FlightsLogic partners with leading suppliers for our solution and client can pick and choose any supplier integration in the system.
By choosing FlightsLogic will save good costs and increase efficiency with the high return on investment in your business with a dedicated technical team to support all day to day operations.
Our B2B selling is most profitable sales channel and provides a big opportunity to travel companies to expand their business into the global market.B2B travel booking engine is suitable for all size travel organizations, OTAs, travel offices, goal the board organizations.
You can sell your own contracted rates under the B2B module or third-party XML supplier’s inventories that provide products at best rates. You can expand your business across the globe with the help of a B2B Online Booking System through the sub-agent network which directly increases sales of your business.
Our B2B Travel booking software such as flight booking with all essential tools that can integrate third-party suppliers and allows you to manage your own contracted products, apply mark-up at run-time, apply agent wise mark-up, apply business rules and easily increase business sales.
By using the B2B agent’s reservation portal, your agents can logon to your B2B Reservation Portal, search and book products, apply own mark-up and pay for booking by online or credit limits assigned to them.
Agents can view from booking panels, their booking details, voucher, tickets, payment receipts or manage booking of their customers at any time.
FlightsLogic B2B travel booking system allows your sub-agents to book your inventory and lets you manage all your agents from a single interface.
Two of its most unique features are the ability to create multiple levels of planned agents and also the flexibility to provide agents at each level fully-fledged online booking portals with their own branding and pricing.
Our B2B Travel Booking Portal for travel agents is an ideal platform for wholesalers, tour operators, host agencies and other B2B travel companies that work with hundreds and thousands of agents across multiple geographies.
It eliminates the administrative hassles of managing their B2B network and enables them to expand their presence into different markets cost-effectively. In the travel industry, B2B selling is one of the most gainful deals channels and offers chance to make trip organizations to develop their business into the worldwide market.
B2B Travel Software is appropriate for movement organizations, goal the board organizations or travel organizations who have a large inventory for travel-related outcomes or approaching outsider provider's inventories that gives items, best client plan rates.
With the assistance of B2B Travel Providers, travel items can be sold over the globe through sub-operator system and increment offers of the business.
Our Online travel agency today additionally utilizes the database of significant CRS - Computer reservation system otherwise called Global Distribution Systems (GDS) including Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, and Worldspan.
Some online travel software otherwise called travel metasearch engine permits guests to compare the rates of flights with giving greater adaptability search and booking process. With many years of experience, we ensure to provide you significant-high-quality web designs integrated with booking engines and Travel Portal CRM.
Our solid B2B Booking Systems have GDS API Integration or third-party API incorporation that encourages all day, everyday travel answers for flight booking. Features like a payment gateway are also added. Besides, there are live visits and input choices for clients to address critically the client's issues and fulfillment.
Our B2B Travel Portal Solution encourages to make a trip to organizations deal with their specialist arrange and manage rules-dependent on agent level in a helpful manner.
It permits make trip to organizations to allot client based modified guidelines for their specialists. Markups should be possible for every aircraft and every nation. In the midst of developing challenges, travel organizations should search for a progressed B2B Flight Booking Portal that can assist them in dealing with their specialist arrange in the most ideal manner.
An ideal B2B Online Booking System helps travel organizations interface with various frameworks and providers on one stage effectively. Here, we will concentrate on a white-name B2B booking engine and its features that make it helpful to travel organizations.
Travel agencies can utilize white label or private label B2B Flight Booking Engines with their own name and mark. They can save a great deal of time as a private mark booking engine is a prepared to-utilize apparatus and doesn't require any advancement cost. Other than this, it is cost-effective and convenient to utilize.
Benefits of our B2B Online Booking System:

Reduces the need for communicating with agents through emails or phones, ultimately leading to saved time and money
Targets new section for your products apart from end-users
Promotes the principle of ‘Sell more, earn higher’
Offers wide exposure to your travel products
Agents’ network will help you to expand
Key Features of our B2B Online Booking System:

Define agent’s type – Cash or Credit
Create sub-agent(s)
Set profile of agents
Build own package
Agent wise mark up
Flexible mark-up & commission settings
Issue online voucher
Online settlement of invoice & receipts
Flexible online payment
Auto alerts on confirmation, bookings, tickets
Comprehensive MIS reports
Mobile responsive website
User-friendly interface

Revolutionizing Online travel

  • Multiple Sales Channels - B2C, B2B, B2B2C, B2B2B, Call Center, Front Desk
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Online Booking Engine - Flight,Hotel,Holiday Package,Car,Sightseeing and Transfers
  • GDS, XML & Travel API Integration
  • Complete booking management system
  • Comprehensive reporting module
Vacation Packages
Itinerary Creator
Itinerary Creator

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  • Most affordable online reservation system.
  • Market proven end to end solution on cloud.
  • Unique B2B and Back office module.
  • Enhanced reservation flow, affiliates network, sales and analytics tools.
  • Comprehensive booking management tools
  • Multi languages and currencies in the booking engine
  • Real time inventory