B2B Travel Portal

B2B Travel Portal

FlightsLogic is the World's leading travel portal development company that provides B2B Travel Portal across the globe. Our travel portal consists of GDS/third party API Integration for b2b flight booking portal, Hotel booking, and Car booking services. We offer all kinds of travel portal solutions for B2B & B2C travel agencies across the globe. We offer you B2B & B2C travel portal development solution which means business to business and business to customer/client. It can provide you a better turn around the ratio of customers. We also offer online travel sales channels B2C, B2B, and B2B2C travel portals, and these B2C travel portals are integrated with various APIs for flights, hotels, and cars for real-time booking of services. We develop XML based travel websites for travel agents, tour operators, and travel companies. We have many years’ experience in providing services to travel agents across the globe. We develop platforms & solutions to enable businesses to leverage the immense capabilities of the Internet.  For more business growth it is necessary to expand it across the globe, it can provide you a better ratio of customers. We are having a specialist and experienced team to develop customized B2B and B2C travel portal for your organization. Our technology has all the skills to do good and smart coding to give you a fast running tool to grow your business. For over a decade now, we are enabling our partners to serve their customers efficiently, with the right pricing and inventory. Ever since our introduction, we are delivering a wide range of travel solutions for travel agents, tour operators, and travel companies to help them take their business to new heights. Our promise is to offer an end-to-end travel portal solution with various value-added features. This will guarantee to give you the key to your success in the online travel industry. 

FlightsLogic is the leading B2B online travel agent that offers a complete suite of travel solutions to offline travel agents across the globe. The company delivers its services through a robust and scalable platform and complemented by advanced web and mobile technologies. We offer comprehensive B2C and B2B travel portal solutions for travel agents, agencies, tour operators. Our Booking engine is able to integrate data from the largest flight and hotel consolidators. Our system allows you to have a single search against multiple data providers and receive a single response. This engine is connected via the newest API with multiple hotel suppliers and also GDSs (Amadeus, Galileo, Worldspan) and consolidators and it’s easily managed from its own dedicated back-office having at the same time front and back-end interfaces. Our B2B online Booking System offers the right tools that make the booking function faster and simpler for all kinds of clients – B2C online clients as well as B2B sub-agents. Our B2B Travel Portal offers the best deals and big delegation for flight and hotel bookings. We have vast connections with B2B Travel Agency to tour agencies, medium and small operators from international and domestic. Our solution is a function-rich B2C booking engine coupled with eye-catching user-friendly designs. Our B2C Portal Solution is designed for agencies aiming to increase profitability by offering travel services directly to customers. At FlightsLogic, we offer b2b travel portal development services to online b2b travel agencies across worldwide. Our travel portal consists of GDS/third party API Integration for Flight booking, Hotel booking, and Car booking services. We offer all kinds of travel portal solutions for b2b travel agencies across the globe. At the B2B travel agency, we try to simplify the ways of travel business for our partners by offering them all the travel solutions under one umbrella.

FlightsLogic is a one-stop solution to get the best Travel B2B engine software for your travel company. We offer an online B2B travel portal development, where one travel specialist serves the necessities and prerequisites of other sub-operators. Online B2B travel has turned into a perfect place for all the particular purchasers and vendors to meet and fulfill ticketing purposes including the least effort. In the tourism industry, B2B selling is one of the most profitable sales channels and gives the opportunity to travel companies to expand their business into the global market. Our B2B travel booking engine is suitable for travel agencies, destination management companies or travel companies who have a large inventory for travel-related products or having access to third-party supplier’s inventories that provides products at best rates. With the help of our B2B booking engine, travel products can be sold across the globe through the sub-agent network and increase sales of the business. Our major B2B booking engines such as Hotel, Flight, Tour, and Package, built with all essential tools that enables you to upload your own contracted products, integrate third-party suppliers, adjust pricing and markup at runtime, generate agent wise reports, map banners, incorporate business rules and easily take insight into business sales. From a responsive B2B reservation portal, your authorized agents can logon to your B2B portal, search and book products, add a mark-up and pay for booking online. From the Admin booking panel, they can view, email, or download booking vouchers or cancel the booking of their customers from any device at any time. With our solution, you create a single convenient workplace for your B2B partners, who can now easily find the best offers from all available travel suppliers, book them online, and keep track of all reservations. We provide all partners with a single access point to search and book offers from both your online suppliers and your own inventory.

FlightsLogic offers a wide range of custom B2B Travel Booking Engine Solutions and software development services. Our B2B module is an essential tool to automate your sales through all the B2B channels – your partnering agencies, distribution networks, and corporate clients. Our effective B2B module is a concept for travel businesses and agencies that includes various web-based solutions along with the mobile application solutions to create new business relationships and also to provide better services to the clients. Supporting multi-level distribution, Our B2B reservation platform allows your partners to create their own sub-nets of agents to expand your sales reach even further. Our B2B Travel Portal ERP solution is extremely and can be made as a Tailor-made Solution as per your requirements. Our B2B travel portal software can be integrated with leading GDS systems like Amadeus, Travelport, Sabre, and third-party APIs / XMLs and LCCs.  Our B2B travel portal is an online booking engine with flights, hotels, transfers, sightseeing and packages modules for travel agencies/agents. It's also known as IBE, which aggregates and distributes information of flights, hotels, cars, packages to global B2B clients to enable them to search and book online. Also, provide module packages for travel agencies and distribute the data of flights, hotels, transfers to all around B2B clients to endow them for book and search online. Over the years, we have developed a skill and know-how about this business and have created this unique B2B portal with the support of global suppliers which are hand-picked & are unique in their respective regions. Our expert team is dedicated to create tools to make a hotel booking simple for the B2B accommodation booking segment. Our dynamic travel websites with attractive and user-friendly interfaces provide our Travel Portal B2B and B2C Solution an edge over their competitors. Travel portal solutions devised by us attend to the needs and demands of all users or costumers as per their specific demand specifications.

FlightsLogic offers B2B White Label Travel Portal that allows you to connect with other travel agents from your network and allow them to start their own online travel business. We offer B2B white-label software that enables you and your business associations to facilitate instant and direct services in any corner of the world. We are committed to providing a 100% efficient, flexible and easy booking process.  Our B2B white label service can add ultimate value to your website and can help to generate huge traffic of customers to your website. Our solutions allow you to engage with your customers more closely while offering them a range and depth of services. Our B2B White Label is a completely business-centric solution which makes the travel portals offer the requirements of the travelers or vice versa. Having this software solution installed on the website can boost up the business. A little investment on B2B White Label helps the business grow and, in the meantime, provide all the possible dimensions of growth.  At FlightsLogic, we provide the best B2B white label solutions for any kind of airline operator. Through our solutions, your travel website can facilitate instant ticket for all the airlines. Keeping our travel technology solutions up to date and being innovative, we provide online ticket service for all types of operating systems, including Android, window, and iOS. This helps you in keeping away from the unnecessary hassle. Our B2B white label solution reduces the operative cost, giving you a hassle-free experience. It also reduces the pain of using multiple mobile phones and also maintaining balance through different operators. Our services offer a simple, efficient and flexible option to integrate with your website or application. It even facilitates auto-generated SMS which has to be delivered to your customers on their mobile phones. Our B2B white label helps the travel agents to reach their business objectives with sound web infrastructure. Even within API setup, B2B white label solution can take care of your every travel objective. 

FlightsLogic provides customized web development solutions to manage every aspect of operating e-marketplaces. We also provide the choice of leading B2B platforms, builds e-marketplaces that carry collectively buyers and sellers to business via the internet, making it easy for inter-business transactions, bid/quote exchange, multi-vendor catalog, and auctions to place the user bid openly online. We offer you a unique platform to launch your own travel portal with a wide range of travel products using the latest software technology thus increasing sales volume, eventually leading to higher conversions and earnings. We develop the website keeping in the mind the website should be user-friendly and easy to navigate. We influence technology & creativity to build interactive, pioneering & efficient portal solutions for its clients throughout the globe. We provide portal development solutions packages with the desired type to fulfill the client's needs. Our mission is to continue providing our customers with holistic travel solutions that simplify their business processes within the shortest time frame. We are experts in providing the best online travel booking engine under one roof. Our products and services are delivered through an integrated, customizable platform that offers a custom-branded end-user experience. With Custom Travel Solutions, companies can easily offer their customers access to benefits otherwise prohibitive to the individual traveler. This creates value and brand loyalty that promotes engagement and revenue growth. Our customers leverage our extensive industry experience to implement the best industry practices. Our years of expertise as a leading technology provider have led us to establish a strong foothold and are recognized as one of the most trusted brands in the industry. We understand the essence of the travel industry and deliver solutions that simplify the business processes of small to large travel agencies, tour operators and car rental service providers. Our customers benefit immensely in scaling up their business by utilizing our technology solutions and services specific to their growing requirements. 

Benefits of B2B Travel Portal:

•  Increase revenue of business: B2B portal increases the profit of your business. It also increases revenue from existing clients. With the help of the B2B portal, existing customers get faster and easy entrance to product information, quick response to their requests, and acquire better support from customers. 

•  Savings of cost or price: B2B portal will reduce the price of processing orders drastically. It is also helpful in reducing overhead costs up to 30%. A B2B portal is also helping companies reduce inventory costs.

•  Decreases customer acquisition cost: B2B portal branding on the internet will help to attract clients from new sources. It is always cheaper than other traditional methods. So, customer acquisition cost decreases.

•  Improves customer services: The B2B portal allows tracking the whole ordering process from payment to delivery and it brings greater efficiency in customer services. It always helps companies serve customers effectively. So, in the nutshell, it improves customer services.

•  Reducing source time cycle: B2B portal is useful in reducing the time cycle. Because customers can select products online from the B2B market portal and send their purchase orders or buying products using shopping cart. In addition, buyers can handle all their procurement-related communication from a consolidated working page, which helps them directly and reduces time in document processing.

Expand your business through Online Reservation System

  • Global Reach

  • Full Coverage

  • Easy Connection

  • Corporate Bookings

  • Mobile-Friendly

Features of B2B Travel Portal:

  • Numerous selling channels for travel agency
  • Several inventory / supplier’s management for Holidays, Hotels, Flights or transfers
  • Add unlimited sub-agents
  • Manage users under the sub-agents to manage bookings with roles and rights
  • Manage Markups
  • Manage Deposit Accounts for the agents
  • 24*7*365 booking support for all sub-agents
  • Automated Back Office Panel for Markup, agent commission, refund and cancellation policy
  • MIS Reports for the administrator and agents
  • Accounting management
  • Call center module for back office follow up on the bookings, cancellation and no-show bookings
  • Extranet for suppliers and integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Administration)
  • Innovation support, server support, account support and dedicated account manager
  • Adaptable commission and increase settings against providers
  • Arranged charge booking engines and dynamic packaging usage
  • Simple and adaptable alternatives for activating or deactivating clients, specialists and providers
  • Constant online appointments for inns, flights, exchange, touring, protection, hotels